Nymph of the Wood
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2012 by Lance Manne

I arose early and walked out into the back yard with my coffee clutched tightly in my hand. I took a small sip and marveled at the aroma and flavor of my drink. I walked over to check on the progress of the flowers. The double impatiens had recently begun to flower and I wanted to see the changes that had occurred over the previous two days.

A very nice lady occupied the other half of the duplex. Together, we shared the bounty of the garden. She had planted it and I helped in the weeding and watering. She turned out to be a very kind and thoughtful neighbor. On occasion she would stop by my door and inquire as to how my day was going. We would occasionally eat together, sharing the picnic table that was located in the back yard.

As I approached the vegetables, I spotted a group of chickadees that were eating at the feeder. It hung from a shepherd staff that my neighbor had placed amongst the broccoli. The birds seemed to sense I was near but they showed no fear. Some would perch and observe me, then resume their chasing of each other. They seemed to be enjoying the wonder and joy of an incredible new day.

I noted that the flowers were becoming heavier with blooms. I made a mental note to put the sprinkler on the garden when I noticed the ground appeared to be getting very dry. I grabbed a chair and sat down to sip my drink and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning. Bud seemed content to lie at my feet and observe the activity around him

I had called in to work to say that I would be late. I was in the middle of an important project and had been spending many late nights at the office. I needed time to relax and collect my thoughts. I still had my phone ready, just in case a client should call. Most of the business that I transacted could be done on my cell.

A bright red cardinal flew into the branches above me. He looked at me but seemed unconcerned. Soon he was joined by the less vibrant female and then another young male. Together they swooped among the branches as they chased each other in a show of frivolous play.

A cow bird made its appearance and watched me from a distance. The squirrels were less kind. They let me know of their displeasure by their constant chattering. I was totally caught off guard when Valerie, my neighbor, pulled up a chair and sat down alongside of me.

"What a beautiful morning," she commented. I glanced her way. Surely, she didn't wake up looking like the person I was gazing upon. She had evidently taken the time to arrange her hair and put on just the right amount of makeup. What I saw was very pleasing to the eye. I looked again as her lips parted and she made another comment.

"I hope I am not disturbing your morning," she said. I watched as her lips formed the words. I guess I hadn't realized what a pleasing woman she was. I would not say that she was beautiful, but she did possess a very attractive face. Sharing the garden in the early morning was something that I had never experienced with my wife. When I asked her to do so, she would always say that it was too early and she needed her sleep.

"No, not at all," I replied. "I was just enjoying the birds and the beauty of the garden." We sat in silence, each enjoying the amazing scene that was unfolding around us. I decided to take another look. Upon further investigation, I discovered she wasn't wearing a bra. The sight before me was not totally unwelcome. I took another look. What I saw was a display that I knew I could never expect from my estranged wife.

Why was I being given this little treat? Was it a trick ... an enticement? Was it a conniving plan to seduce me and trap me under her spell? Or was it simply a natural woman enjoying freedom from the confines of her undergarment. Maybe she was just experiencing the naturalness of her body in the beauty of the garden.

Whatever the reason, I realized that I needed to be on my guard. I had been tricked before and I didn't want that to happen again. Although she appeared to be a very nice person, I had promised myself I would never again allow myself to be fooled by the craftiness and beguiling nature of a woman. My shield was up and I would not let it down.

As we sat there, I would point out a bird or critter and make some observation about their habits. I mentioned that I had once had some squirrels build a three foot high pile of seeds in my attic. My wife had heard them as they scurried through the rafters. I would never have discovered their point of entry if I hadn't been up there one day to check on the antennae.

As I was making my way through the antic hatch, I noticed a movement to my left. I was startled when I saw the head of a squirrel peering down at me. He had made a hole in the mesh which covered the roof vent. On first observation it was invisible to the eye. I quickly covered all the vents with an impenetrable metal screen and that was the end of my squirrel problem.

Upon spotting an Oriole at one feeder, I told Valerie that they like to make their hanging nest using horse hair. I recalled a rather funny story that had happened to me. Upon discovering that one of the interns in our firm had horses, I asked her to bring me a clump of hair the next time she did some trimming. I hung it on several branches, hoping that the orioles would build a nest in my trees. To my chagrin, I watched as the birds carried it off to make a nest in someone else's yard.

That little story brought a giggle from my companion. It was a very nice sound and it was pleasantly feminine. Flags started to be raised in my mind. It had been a long time since I had been alone with a woman and it was easy to tell that my hormones were responding in the appropriate manner.

I looked at the legs that were stretched out before me. How had I missed them before? They were amazing. The curves were arranged in all the right places. The skin was flawless except for a small bruise. She was wearing a pair of shorts that hugged her body. Her knees were amazing. I have always been interested in a woman's knees. There are so many bones that are clustered in that area that it is difficult to find a lady with nice knees.

Yet here before me was a pair of the most beautiful knees that I had ever seen. I looked away and decided to use my olfactory senses to draw my attention back to the garden and the smells around me. I smelled the earthy richness of the soil. I smelled the freshly cut grass. I smelled the roses that were growing near the spot where I was sitting.

And then I sensed another smell. This one was fresh and light. It had just the slightest hint of fruit. I recognized it immediately. It was the smell of a woman. It was a very nice smell. It was beginning to have an effect on me. I was losing control. I began to sense my loss of rational thinking. I had to go. I had to move to fresh air. I excused myself and left the garden. I had almost become entangled in her web of trickery. Like a valiant warrior who knew when he had been bested, I fled!

I continued my regimen of biking, dieting, and weight lifting. I was beginning to see some results and was very pleased by what I had accomplished. I noticed one little indicator of how far I had come. When I was out in the yard, cooling down after a good ride, I would notice my neighbor watching me from the window. Just for fun I would stretch a little more and flex a little harder. I know it wasn't much. But it did give me some incentive to continue on.

A few weeks later my wife initiated the papers for a divorce. I had heard that she had been seen with several different men. From one of her lady friends, I learned that she enjoyed the attention she was getting as well as the power she seemed to be able to wield over men. If they only knew, was my only comment. I was enjoying my new life and knew there was no way that I would be going back.

I could feel my body getting stronger and could see my excess fat melting away. Just for fun, I stopped over to see if my wife needed any projects to be completed. I had worn my best khakis along with a tight fitting polo shirt. While fixing one of the light switches, I caught her checking me out on several occasions. With my task completed, I bid her adieu. I had accomplished what I had set out to do.

One day, I decided to go for a long ride on an old converted railroad bed. The trail was well maintained and passed by several lakes. It also crossed over a number of trestles. I parked my car, unloaded my bike, grabbed my water, and headed down the trail. The sky above was slightly overcast and the colors around me were rather muted. Fortunately, the air was cool and the trail was smooth.

I rode for a long time through a tunnel of pines. That path opened onto a field with a narrow channel that ran along the side. I would occasionally see some ducks. At one point, I heard the slap of a beaver's tail upon the water. A little later I heard the sound of a woodpecker working on a tree.

After some time, I came upon a beautiful lake. The sun had come out and the water was perfectly calm. It seemed a good spot to take a break so I slowed my speed and looked for a place to park my bike. I found a nice grassy area where I could sit and look out over the water. Gazing across the water, I could see that the opposite shoreline was mirrored perfectly in the water. Even the clouds were reflected on the glassy surface. A fish surfaced and broke the image. Gradually the surface calmed and the perfect reflection was back once again.

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