Little Girls of Wonder - A Story of Hope
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

They awake in the morning still snuggled together. Both Hope and Allan are overjoyed to be with their most beloved person. Allan takes his arm that he is holding Hope closely with, and brings his hand over to her tummy and attacks her with tickles while giving her a million little kisses on her cheek and ear. Hope giggles prettily and squirms in pleasure, and it is then that they know it is going to be a good day.

"Come on, Uncle Allan, mom said she was going to make us a huge breakfast."

"You go ahead, darling girl. I have been on an airplane for hours and hours and I didn't get here until late. I really need some more sleep. I hope that is okay."

"Of course it is okay. Do you want me to stay with you?"

"No, baby, it's okay. Thank you, though. I'm home for a while, so you'll be sick of me by the time I leave."

"Never!" says Hope, slowly shaking her head no with a pretty smile on her face.

Hope gets out of bed wearing her cute white nightshirt with a teddy bear on it that says Hugs and Hope are Awesome. It was of course a gift from her uncle.

Allan takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he looks at his pretty niece. It has been a while since he has seen such beauty. His eyes flood with tears and he quickly looks away. Hope comes back over and sits next to her uncle. "Uncle Allan, are you okay?"

He slowly looks back at his favorite niece and smiles sadly. "I will be. Now that I'm around you and my baby sister again I will be."

Hope can see the weary sadness in his eyes and it makes her sad. Her pretty blue eyes tear up and she falls into Allan's arms, giving him a reassuring hug, then she says, "Fear not, Uncle, I will hug your troubles away."

Allan gives her a million little kisses on her ear and cheek and says, "What more could a man ask for."

Hope giggles prettily and says, "I'm hungry."

"Well, you eat my portion for me and then wake me up for lunch."

"Lunch?" says Hope in disbelief.

"Yeah, baby, I am really tired." Hope gives her uncle a final hug and kiss and then goes out to eat the promised breakfast. After Hope leaves the room shutting the door behind her, Allan says to his self, "I am so very tired." Then he quickly falls back to sleep.

"Where's Uncle Allan?"

"Still asleep. He said he is really tired. He wants us to wake him up for lunch."


"That's what I said. Momma?"

"Yeah, baby."

"Is Uncle Allan alright?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"His eyes are so sad and he seems so far away. He says his only hope is you and me."

"Don't you worry, babygirl. Uncle Allan has always taken care of us and loved us, so we will just have to make sure we care for and love him back to his old cheerful self."

"Okay, mommy. I don't like seeing Uncle Allan so sad. He has always believed in me and loved me without question, so I'm going to be there for him."

"Me too, my darling daughter, me too."

Allan is so tired he doesn't even wake up when Hope comes back into her bedroom and puts on her regular clothes. Allan is so tired he doesn't even feel the little kiss Hope gives him before she leaves the room again.

There is a knock at the door. Sarah slowly opens it saying, "Allan, it is lunchtime and it is ready."

As soon as the door is open enough Hope goes running into the bedroom and flies onto the bed, jumping on the bed from her knees. "Time to get up, Uncle Allan."

Allan acts like he is still asleep. Hope looks closer at him to make sure he is okay. Allan pops his eyes open real fast and grabs Hope and pulls her into his loving embrace. He tickles her with his one hand while giving her a million little kisses on her ear and cheek. "Ah ha, I got you," says Allan. Hope giggles adorably.

Sarah is smiling from ear to ear as she continues to watch from the door. How many times had her big brother made her laugh and made her feel safe. He may be only four years older than her, since he is thirty-five and she is thirty-one, but he loved, encouraged and watched out for her as their single mom worked hard just to put food on the table and clothing on their backs. "The food is getting cold."

Allan stretches mightily and yawns. "Is it now?"

"Yep," says Hope getting up.

"I see you are both wearing the pretty dresses I bought you."

"We know how you like it when your pretty girls look pretty."

Allan smiles and then his eyes flood with tears. "I do. I really do."

"Uncle Allan, don't cry," says Hope, starting to cry herself, so beautiful is her heart.

"Oh, I'm not, baby. I'm just so proud of my two favorite people."

"Honey, why don't you go tell dad that lunch is ready. He is working out in the backyard."

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