Pas De Deux
Chapter 10

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Our parents arrived the next day. Of course my parents knew Antonia well as she had spent as much time at our house as she did her own, so their greetings were as if she was a long-lost daughter. I hardly knew her parents at all, so it was good to get to know them. The weather was fine, warm and sunny so Henry arranged for buffet lunch on the lawns. Kent and Amelie were overjoyed to start meeting their long-lost family and my dad filled in a lot of detail of who was who in the family hierarchy together with little potted histories as far as he knew. I was chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Birtwhistle, Antonia's parents when her mum mentioned an episode when we were young. Antonia had come off her bike close to our home. As it happened I was just getting home from school. I ran down and found Antonia nursing a grazed knee, she was close to tears. I asked Becky to bring the bikes back and I picked Antonia up in my arms and took her back to our house. Mrs. Birtwhistle described how Antonia had told her of the incident.

"It didn't matter to her that she had grazed her knee, you had picked her up and carried her, and you treated her knee, washed it carefully and applied some antiseptic cream then bandaged it. She said that you were so kind and gentle. That was when she told us that you were going to be a doctor and that she was going to marry you. Seems that she was right, doesn't it?" That was the third rescue that Antonia referred to. I smiled at the memory. When you have a sister and her friend conspiring there's no escape. Said sister grabbed my arm and took me away for a brother and sister conversation.

"I always knew that you and Ant would get married. I wasn't going to let all the hard work we put in to get her into your company be wasted."

"I see. You know it may have been a lot simpler if you had let me in on your plans." I teased her.

"Oh no. That wouldn't do. You had to realise yourself that Ant was going to be your bride." We walked slowly down the path that led to the church. Becky was going to be Antonia's Maid of Honour, a decision made at least fifteen years ago. Likewise Antonia had been her chief Bridesmaid when Becky married. Unfortunately Becky's husband found it difficult to give up the freedom of single life so they were divorced. We took the time as we talked to reconnoitre the Church. Antonia was already there and I was surprised to hear one of the Bach Fugues being played on the organ.

"Who's playing the organ?" I asked her.

"Oh, that will be Eugene." Antonia replied. "He's our musical director. He insisted that as he hasn't played an organ for quite some time that he had to practice before he could play for my wedding." It would seem that arrangements had been made whilst I remained busy in the laboratory. As my mother once said, men are superfluous at a wedding except for the actual ceremony. It appeared that Antonia felt the same way. She had left her plan for the flowers up at the house.

"I'll just run back and get it." She said.

"Be careful you don't fall and graze your knee." I advised. Antonia stopped and looked quizzically at me. Slowly with understanding a smile came to her lips.

"So you remembered?"

I had to admit the truth. "No. Your mother reminded me."

"I suppose she told you what I said?"

"Yes. But you got that right on both counts, didn't you?"

Antonia nodded. "It's going to be a boy and then a girl." She assured me. "Just see if I'm right." With a laugh she ran off to the house.

I had asked Henry to be my best man. There were two reasons for this, first of all his ability to put anyone at their ease, and second it was a thank you for allowing us to take over his house for the wedding. It would also appear that he was totally au fait with the arrangements, far more than I.

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