Pas De Deux
Chapter 5

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It was a few minutes before seven when I woke up. Having another body in my bed was not completely strange, but the body next to me this morning was one I knew I would want there every morning from now on. I turned slightly to see Antonia propped on one arm regarding me with warm loving eyes.

"Good morning my darling." She brought her lips to mine. "Thank you."

"Why should you thank me?"

"For loving me, for making my first time so beautiful, for making my dreams come true."

"If I could have dreamed of a beautiful woman in my bed, you are the one I would have dreamed of." I paraphrased her comment of last night. If possible her eyes became warmer and slightly moist.

My phone rang. I was inclined to ignore it but on occasions it had been because something interesting had happened at the laboratory. Still laughing I picked it up. "Hello."

"Si?" It was Becky.

"Hi Becky. How are you?"

"I'm worried. I have been ringing Ant time and again yesterday and early this morning and she isn't answering. I know you and she are meeting from time to time. Do you know where she is?" I put my hand over the mouthpiece and whispered to Antonia.

"It's Becky. Wants to know where you are." She held her hand out for the phone; instead I pressed the button for the speaker." Antonia leaned over and rested on my chest.

"Hello Beck."

"Oh! You're there."


"I was worried. I thought you had an accident or something."

Antonia had a mischievous smile as she replied. "You know I can't have an accident when I am with Sir Galahad. Becky! Think about it. It's just after seven in the morning. You phone Si at his home, he is here and I am here. Put your dirty mind in gear."

"You mean ... You didn't, did you?"



"I am very, very happy."

It sounded as if Becky was crying with happiness as she said. "I am so happy, my best friend has got together with the best brother a girl could ever have." Their conversation then carried on. I was becoming interested in other things. When Antonia finished the call it seemed that she was interested in other things too.

It was strange having someone live with you. After all those years, first at University and then working at the Institute when I had lived alone, now having someone else to consider was a hurdle to say the least Antonia made her presence obvious. She took over the bathroom; filling the shelves upon which my few requirements had been neatly stored, with her paraphernalia. My wardrobe was full of her clothes, multiple pairs of Jeans and sweat-shirts in all the colours of the rainbow. I could no longer find my underpants or socks without a full scale search. My kitchen however remained as pristine as it had always been. Antonia never seemed to eat anything apart from a lettuce leaf, nor drink anything but water. I quite enjoyed cooking and disappointment set in when having prepared a meal, Antonia would nibble on the smallest of servings, just enough to say that it was good. I worked odd hours at times as did she. When she was performing she would return home late at night, exhausted and discard the clothes she was wearing along the journey from the front door to the bed. She seemed to time the operation perfectly, just having her panties to remove at the same time as she fell into bed. If I thought it was time for intimacy I was wrong. The moment her head hit the pillow she was asleep. The morning was a different kettle of fish. I would be eased from sleep by hot breath and kisses all over my chest encouraging me to wake up. Antonia had gone from innocent to an experienced seductress in no time at all. Am I complaining? Is the Pope Catholic?

I had started to call her Ant, which was how Becky had always called her but Antonia put a stop to that.

"Everyone calls me Ant. Becky, my mum and dad, all my relations. I'm Toni professionally. The only person who calls me Antonia is you and I like that. It is special. When I hear Antonia I know who is calling me. It is my man, my lover, the husband of my heart. I hear Antonia and my heart thrills. Please don't change that."

Sir Henry had booked the Hippodrome for the Charity Gala, and had lined up a cast from the world of Ballet, Opera, the Theatre and T.V. to do guest appearances. The patrons could expect a very entertaining evening. He had asked Antonia if she would dance the 'Dying Swan'. She was derisive of that choice. "God! Couldn't he have chosen something a little less passé?" It was a Sunday afternoon and we were sitting on the roof garden enjoying some unseasonal sun.

"What would you suggest?"

"The Rose Adagio from 'The Sleeping Beauty'. Now that's spectacular, but not technically a solo.


"Aurora does all the dancing, but she has four male dancers on stage for support. I'm sure I could persuade four of the boys to do that. We're all conversant with Frederick Ashton's choreography. Would Sir Henry let me do that?"

"I doubt that Sir Henry knows his dying swan from his adagio. I wouldn't even ask him. Hell! Antonia you are dancing for free. You do what you want to do."

She thought for a moment and I could see her decision firm. "I'll talk to the Director tomorrow and get the scores for the orchestra."

The Gala went off well. It was a sort of 'spot the celebrity' evening. Of course Henry was in his element, glad-handing, back-slapping and air-kissing cheeks. I stayed out of it, probably for the best as my conversation was too dry and medical at these times. Nor did I get a good seat. The stalls and circle were reserved for the paying through the nose customers. The freebie seats were in the upper tier and well to the back. A very put out Shelley was with me. She thought that Henry should have seated her next to him. It's at times like this that you understand where you are in the pecking order. During Antonia's performance she watched with interest then towards the end turned to me. "She's bloody good. And she is living with you?"

"You sound surprised, Shelley." She shook her head.

"No Simon. Probably envious of her."

"I seem to recall a conversation we had about your being an expensive girl."

"That's true. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't mind getting between you and your mattress occasionally though."

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