A Good Man
Chapter 2

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Tom stood frozen in shock running his hand through his salt and pepper hair, he tried to think of a way out of this.

"Frilly, you mean to tell me I've made an enemy of the council?" Tom asked still a little shaken by this turn of events.

"Well," Frilly started, "I wouldn't say you made an enemy but you've certainly gotten their attention."

Crap Tom thought, just what I need, bad enough I've got the a bunch of power hungry bastards after me but now I have seemed to have alienated the good guys too.

"Is there any way I can meet with just one of them, on my terms? Tom asked

"I can try to arrange a meeting, but I can't guarantee their reception," looking back at Tom she slightly smirked, "or their reaction, after the other day they won't be caught off guard like last time. Though, from what I was feeling they would have still been hard pressed to escape what you did."

"You know," Tom started, "you can really be a smart ass at times." smiling Frilly disappeared with a slight giggle.

About an hour later Tom was sitting in his recliner still trying to calm down when he heard Frilly in his head.

<Sir?> Making Tom jump up in a defensive position, <I apologise sir I forgot you weren't use to thought talk yet>

<What have found out?> Tom asked.

<They have agreed to almost any condition you set but they won't come alone, Malamon is still out there and they are no match for him alone> she replied.

<Alright in an hour, the park where we met before no tricks> Tom said.

An hour later, Tom was standing near a tree when the one he knew as Azel appeared with a man Tom could only describe as a merlin look a like. The long flowing purple robes almost had Tom snickering but out of respect he held his tongue. Feeling around he was satisfied till he felt a small magical spike behind him. Reaching out he motioned and the sprite appeared frozen next to him a look of genuine shock on it's face. Azel and the other with him also were befuddled who was this man? It seemed he had the power of the old and new spirits along with the powers of a mage.

"I told you to come alone!" Tom shouted throwing the sprite at them, holding up their hands the sprite slowed and settled near them.

"Please release me," a pitiful begging coming from the sprite, "I meant no harm, you are of interest to all magical beings. I was only sent to observe t'was all, Please sir, I will die if I can't move soon," the sprite now with tears falling from it's face. Looking at it hard the sprite was free. Flittering in front of him, it bowed to him.

"Thank you sir, as I said I meant no harm. I am here on behalf of the numerous other magical beings that inhabit this world. I owe you a life and that of my family, if you have need of an ally call upon us. May I be permitted to stay?"

Tom stood as still as a stone contemplating what had just been said, "you may stay next time though I will be told before another interrupts," Tom stated sternly. "Now then for the real reason I called this meeting. Just what do you want?" Tom stated looking at the two opened mouthed older men.

Azel spoke first, "We were hoping to enlist your aid."

"My aid? I am no match for all of you together, it took me days to recover from the last time I met just 6 of you. Frilly told me that those 6 were the weakest of the 12 on the council." Tom replied.

"Excuse me," the other man with Azel said, "Who is Frilly?" Laughing Tom forgot they didn't know everything.

"Frilly!" he called, appearing she floated next to him, "This is Frilly, the spirit of my talisman," again the men's mouths dropped open.

"Now then, why do you need my aid?" Tom was starting to get inpatient.

"Yes," Azel started, "You may not know this but the magical part of this world is at war. We have been, for well over 5000 years now. It started when, then, a young mage discovered a forbidden spell, a spell to drain, devour and pass the powers and life force of magical beings to the wielder.It is a truly evil and dark magic blight upon this world. The mage was Malamon, many magical beings have died to feed the growing darkness that was once his soul."

"OK, so why the history lesson? If he's that powerful there's no way I could stop him."

"Malamon isn't that powerful, because of a brave and kind hearted man/mage," here Azel's face grew somber and Tom could see the sadness suddenly shroud his face, "He never considered him self to be just a mage, he fought Malamon 1500 years ago. Though he wasn't able to end him, he seriously hurt Malamon. It took well over 1000 years of life energy from the mage, but ensured that the magical world would be safer for a time."

"Ok, this still doesn't explain why you came to me," Tom replied still a little perplexed.

"I apologise, it will be clear in a moment," feeling edgy Tom increased his shield slowly.

"At the time the kind mage appeared, 2000 years ago, Malamon had started to make a move on the council." Azel stated, "his power grew faster than anyone had ever seen. At that time no one had any idea what he was or who he was. The balance of power had started to shift towards a dark force that grew it seemed more each day. Like your battle the other day, the kind mage didn't kill the first he fought. The man was found a day later drained of his life a dried husk was all that was left. Each one he stopped shifted the balance back to being even but he worked at it slowly for 500 years."

"So you're saying I am the reincarnation, of this mage?" Tom stated a little doubtful.

"No," replied Azel, "but it is possible that you have taken in much of his energy, magical energy never is destroyed just ... transferred?"

"Uh huh, I don't really believe this and I don't really see how I can help you. According to all you have said I am this savior?" Laughing, Tom looked at the two older men with disbelief.

"If Malamon gets to you and takes your power or can turn you then all will be lost. You need to be trained, to strengthen your power." Azel said almost pleading.

"Uh huh, like I said I still don't believe any of this," Tom said, "it appears that if Malamon does try to get to me, you all will be there."

"Tom," Azel started, "you need to be trained more, please let us help you!"

Laughing, Tom only stood there wondering if these men were so powerful then why did they need him?

Frilly was standing back trying to take everything in. Trying not to laugh she thought Tom would react like this. Sighing Azel nodded to the other man, "Tom if you change your mind we won't be far, just call me. Remember don't change, it's who you are, ok?"

Nodding Tom waved them away, irritated that they were still here after he said no. With a flash they were gone sighing Tom was about to go when there was a flash behind him.

"Hmmm, I don't see what the fuss is about, you don't have enough power to... , you son of a bitch!" the new man screamed, Tom was about to go again when he was felt like he was moving in jello.

"So you have the power too," Tom started with that, a ball of fire flew at him, unconcerned he just reached out and found that his shields weren't going to be enough! Damn it! Diving to the left the fire ball barely nicked his right arm.

Reaching out he found the man before him had a lot more power than Tom had ever felt before.

Summoning the last of his power he had, Tom thought of his home and pulled as hard as he could. Appearing in the living room Tom found he couldn't stop and skidded into the wall full force. Tom awoke an hour later a throbbing in his right arm and a head ache to boot.

"Frilly!" Tom yelled hoping she was alright.

Frilly was there in a flash, worried she looked over his arm and head seeing a trickle of blood on his forehead. "You have to heal yourself, look inside and think of being whole and unhurt."

Looking at Frilly like she was crazy he did as she said. Slowly at first then with a slow building a glow started to spread. Looking down Tom was surprised. Damn it! How could he have been so damn stupid!?

The pain had finally started to fade but it was still throbbing like a bitch! Trying to stay awake Tom felt out for anyone near. Finding no one nearby he laid back and slowly closed his eyes feeling the world slowly start to slip away. Frilly hovered nearby, upset, still under orders not to reveal where they were or to leave. She was afraid that Tom's healing powers wouldn't be enough for him to recover. Whipping her dark hair from her face she could only stand guard nearby and wait. Drifiting in and out of consciousness Tom had dream like visions of a small golden haired woman, bathing his face and body when he was hot. Damn! Tom thought this was a nice dream the woman was gorgeous. Her golden hair soft and silky, each time it brushed his skin it was as soft as a breeze blowing barely against his skin.

Tom didn't know who this woman was but he thought he was in love, the care and devotion she showed him in the dream, made him promise his self that as soon as he was well, he'd search the world for her. Two days later Tom awoke with a start, sore as hell but alive he tried to call out but his parched throat prevented it. Thinking of a glass of water it was there but it took a lot longer than he was used to, to appear. After slaking his thirst he looked for Frilly.

"Frilly?" He asked, seeing her tiny body draped over a match box on the table, "you ok?"

Stirring, she fluttered over to Tom and checked his head, "Ah good your magical fever has broken"

"My what?" Tom asked annoyed but curious at the same time.

"Your magical fever, one of many conditions that can occur when injured by magic. Since I wasn't allowed to seek help, I hoped that the healing powers you had initiated were enough for your body to heal with, You took quite alot of the blast even if it was only a glancing blow." Frilly stated matter of factly, feeling his head again glad to find no more fever. "What do you mean you weren't allowed to seek help?" Tom asked a little befuddled.

"You said and I quote," Frilly started, "Frilly do not leave here and do not in any way reveal where WE are," smiling sweetly Frilly waited for Tom to respond.

Tom was about to respond thinking as hard as he could, now when the hell had I said that?

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