Second Chances
Chapter 6

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

As the five of them move to the kitchen table to discuss all that they have found, learned and been directed towards Alex notices that Mary, Casper and Chrissy keep looking at each other like they have something to say, but they are hesitant to say it.

"What is it you are trying dearly not to tell us?"

Christina looks up finally able to pull her eyes away from the Blue Diamond. She has thought of nothing else but opening up the Book of the Spiritual Nexus since she has had the Blue Diamond in her grasp with the knowledge that the book should now be readable. "What do you mean?"

Mary and Casper look at each other and it falls to Mary and her Irish lilt to give them the news. "We have both good and bad news."

"Okay." Says Alex reaching over and taking Christina's hand. She centers him like nothing ever has.

"How long do you think you were gone?"

Christina thinks about it and answers with growing trepidation, "A day." She says with more hope than she is feeling.

"Actually, dear, you two have been gone over a month."

"WHAT!" Yells Christina going into panic mode.

"Fear not child, we went to your university and put in some emergency leave paperwork stating that you may not be there at the start of the Fall semester."

Christina sighs visibly. "Thank you. Thank God it was summer break."

"You are most welcome, sweetheart." Says Mary.

Alex isn't buying it. "There's more to it than that." He says sternly.

Again Chrissy, Mary and Casper look at each other. Casper continues. "We have some good news. Japan has surrendered and World War Two is over."

"And?" Says Alex. Christina looks at him in wonder.

"And ... the war was ended by the use of atomic bombs."

"Is that the secret weapons they were talking about?" Asks Christina.

"Yes." Answers Mary.

"I don't understand. Isn't it a good thing that the war is over?" Continues Christina.

"Of course, but it appears these new weapons have a radioactive side effect. Apparently the fallout from the atomic bombs are stimulating ghostly activity worldwide. We have felt an increase tenfold and not only that, but is seems to us that the activity is at least twice as powerful as before."

Both Christina and Alex look at each other. "What's the date today?" Asks Alex.

"September tenth."

Christina's eyes go big. "Oh, my God, the Fall semester is about to begin. I have to get prepared and let the university know I will be there."

"Sweetheart!" Says Alex grabbing her arm as she starts heading to the bedroom to get dressed.

"What?" Christina says looking frazzled.

"It's midnight, you can wait until the morning. Also, don't forget we have been directed to fulfill some tasks."

Christina feeling confused and out of sorts stops and sets in Alex's lap. He wraps his arms comfortingly and lovingly around her. Christina takes a deep breath and melts into Alex. "That's true. What am I going to do?"

Mary can't hold her curiosity any longer she just has to ask. "What was that you were saying about tasks to be completed?"

The Guardian of Eden has directed us towards another book called..." Alex goes blank so he pats Christina's bare thigh.

She completes him immediately by going on. "The Book of Undaunted Darkness."

"That's right! Also Faith told us that there is a shield called the Shield of Infinity to be found in the same library that will help us to defend against full-fledged demons."

In his thick Scottish brogue Casper asks, "And where be this library to be found?"

"It is called The Great Library of Creation and it is in Greece somewhere beneath the ruins of Delphi."

"Can I go?" Asks Chrissy still full of wonder that after over a hundred years she is again apart of a family.

"I don't see why not, young lady." Says Alex. "But, if menacing hauntings are on the rise than our first responsibility will be to help innocent people and lost ghosts."

"Aye." Agrees Casper.

Her Irish lilt lending the moment an atmosphere of wonder. "I think for now we should move with cautious intent. We should let the world settle down from the world war, we should continue our hands-on destiny and that will give Christina plenty of time to study the Book of the Spiritual Nexus and finish this coming semester." States Mary wisely.

With a big yawn Christina looks down at the black book with the powder blue lettering and all of her unease is forgotten as excitement again fills her beautiful heart. "Sweetheart, I know you are dying to start studying the book, but I'm exhausted. Remember we have been awake for more than a month." Says Alex.

Christina twists to look at him, as she is still setting in his lap. With another big yawn she smiles all so prettily. Then she looks down at the Blue Diamond that she has been clutching in her hand and asks, "What should I do with this?"

Alex smiles and lets the warmth flow from his heart. "How about if you put it in your wedding ring."

Christina looks at Alex with shinning eyes and answers. "Okay."

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, I know there might have been better ways to ask you to marry me, but ever since I have met you, you have kept me amazed and satisfied beyond my wildest dreams."

With tears in her eyes she hugs him hard and then she pulls back and says, "All a girl wants is sincerity, quality and uniqueness and I think our journey together, since we have meet not so long ago, definitely qualifies."

Alex kisses her sweetly and Mary and Casper look at each other feeling their epic love flow. Chrissy sighs and then giggles with wonder and delight.

Alex and Christina turn in for what is left of the night. Alex falls asleep immediately, but when he wakes up in the morning he finds Christina studying the book as she sets in the bed right next to him. He shakes his head and looks up at her and marvels at her mesmerized brown eyes.

"Find anything interesting?"

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