Chapter 224: From Samurai to Descendent of Samurai

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

The next day. Excerpt of the report submitted by Shin'ichi Saburou. At that time, I didn't understand the truth of what had happened. A flash of light, a sudden gust of wind and a roaring sound--I thought lightning had struck before my eyes, but I was wrong. An instant later I realized that the great man had fallen face-up, and a swordsman had appeared in my field of vision. He was truly--awe-inspiring! Aoshi: ... Looks like he found his answer.

Saitou: I wonder.

Misao: Awright! Let's do it, Himura!

Megumi (brandishing her medicine chest): But let me look at you first!

Kujiranami: Battousai!!

(He pulls himself to his feet.)

Officers: Augh, he got up! He's still gonna fight?

Misao: Persistent bastard! There's no way you can win! Go home!

Megumi: It's no use. He still hasn't returned to his senses.

(Kujiranami fires, but Kenshin runs in faster.)

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu Ryuushousen!

(The upward blow knocks the gun clean off his arm.)

Megumi: His eyes have changed color...

Aoshi: The source of his madness was the loss of his right arm. When he felt the same blow, his senses returned. Or ... they were forced to return.

Saitou: They're back to where they started. How will he follow this up? Cut off his left arm this time?

Kujiranami: Finish it. With the new age the Ishin Shishi stole the honor of the samurai. And you stole my death from me. I failed again; I won't speak of Earthly Justice. But this time let me have death by your hands! This is your duty! Finish it!

Kenshin: I cannot. Whatever the reason, I will not kill again.

Kujiranami: You think I'll accept that answer? Kill me! Kill me or I'll take the rounds I have left and kill us all where we stand--

Yahiko: I won't allow that.

(He stands alone, on Kujiranami's other side.)

Megumi: Yahiko!

Misao: Idiot! Get out of there!

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