Chapter 174: Remembrances 11--Dark Arts

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

(Kenshin is standing over Nakajou, sword poised.)

Kenshin: Will you take me to Tomoe? Or will you die? Choose, now.

Nakajou (thinking): That was a killing blow ... If he'd pushed it one step further ... no, he ... could it be... (aloud) Then try this!

(He fires a tiny crossbow bolt at him; it strikes Kenshin in the shoulder.)

Nakajou: I thought so! You didn't stop a step short! Like I thought, you just misjudged your own movements! In this forest you've lost your intuition--you're not as strong. In this forest you can't win--

(Kenshin pulls the bolt from his shoulder and throws it away.

Kenshin: I said, what does that matter!

(With one blow, he slices both of Nakajou's hands off at the elbow. Nakajou screams and runs. He comes to the mouth of a cave. )

Kenshin: You forgot something.

(Kenshin has thrown his severed hands at his feet.)

Kenshin: If you won't take me, tell me where she is. Do it and I'll give you an easy death.

Nakajou: Leave the cave and head straight to your right ... But don't think it's over yet! There are three more of us left. And even if you beat the last of us, we still win. In the east they have the Oniwabanshuu--in the west, there's the Dark Arts. Shadows behind shadows who will be satisfied with nothing less than victory. Even in death I'll be a barrier to you!

(He seized a thin rope with his toes and pulls. The ropes pulls the trigger from two large barrels and they explode.)

(Elsewhere in the forest.)

Sumita: That noise ... Nakajou has become a barrier.

Mumyoui: Which means that he failed to bring him down.

Sumita: Let's hurry.

(Kenshin runs out of the cave, the explosion behind him. He jumps clear.)

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