Chapter 155: Yahiko's Impatience

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Kaoru: The Kamiya Kasshin school ... succession techniques?

Yahiko: Please! I ask you as a man!

(Kaoru punches him.)

Kaoru: Who's a man? Honestly!

Yahiko: It's a figure of speech! Don't pick at details like that! Just hurry up and tell me! The techniques, the techniques! C'mon!

Kaoru: Is that any way to ask?

Yahiko (turning into a puppet): Please teach me the techniques, o great adjutant master.

Kaoru: ... Well, that's a little better.

Yahiko: So you'll teach me!

Kaoru: No way. Those are two totally different things.

(Yahiko goes into full pissed-off battle mode.)

Yahiko: What is this! I act all humble and bow my head to you--what else does it take?!

Kaoru (responding in kind): It takes a lot more than that! There are still a lot of things you have to learn before I can teach you the techniques!


Kenshin: It sounds like something's going on inside the dojo.

Kaoru: Like courtesy and restraint! Not to mention self-control!

Yahiko (after thinking about this for a minute.): You hag.

Kaoru (bashing at him with her shinai): You can't just shout stuff out of nowhere!

Yahiko (bashing back): You're such a hypocrite! Where's your self-control, you third-rate adjutant master!

Kenshin (opening the door): Is something wrong? I heard the noise...

Kaoru & Yahiko: Kenshin, you stay out of this!

(The door slams shut as Kenshin goes sailing out backwards.)

Kenshin (upside down): Oro?

(The sun is starting to go down. Tsubame stands at the gate.)

Tsubame: Excuse me.

(Kenshin peeks out, then lets her in.)

Kenshin: Oh, Miss Tsubame.

Tsubame: Good evening.

Kenshin: Miss Kaoru said you'd be coming. Come in.

(The dojo is being rocked from the inside; shouts resound.)

Tsubame: They must be working hard. Is it some kind of training?

Kenshin: No, Miss Kaoru and Yahiko have been at it for half the day.

Tsubame: Half the ... shouldn't you stop them?

Kenshin: It's better that they be too energetic than otherwise. Let them vent some steam.

Tsubame: But what if they get hurt?

Kenshin: They'll be all right. They'll get hungry soon, and it'll end on its own.

(Kaoru slumps down, covered in sweat.)

Kaoru: I'm tired! I've had enough. This is stupid and I'm hungry. Let's quit.

Yahiko: No! I'm not giving up till you teach me the techniques!

Kaoru: WHAT? I can't believe you ... Why'd you suddenly get this into your head anyway? Did something happen?

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