Chapter 138: A Loud Laugh

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

(Saitou bursts through the door.)

Sanosuke: Saitou!

(He strikes Shishio's forehead with the Gatotsu.)

Houji: Lord Shishio!

(Yumi screams. Shishio grins and slashes across Saitou's legs, reopening his wounds.)

Saitou (falling back): Dammit ... Shishio: Just as I said. You were close to us, so I expected a surprised attack.

(He pulls away a bandage, revealing a steel band around his forehead.)

Saitou (thinking): A skullband... !

Shishio: It was an unexpected blow to the forehead that knocked me out before I was thrown on the fire. So I've made sure I won't make the same mistake twice. You didn't do your homework, Saitou Hajime. You wasted your one slim chance to bring me down. Usui must have given you those wounds. It's impressive that you could still use the Gatotsu, but you've done it for the last time.

(He raises his sword.)

Saitou: No sooner do you say that than you let down your guard again? Fool! You're the one who hasn't done your homework!


(Shishio dodges to one side and drives his fingers into Saitou's shoulder.)

Shishio: You call this carelessness? I call it confidence.

(Saitou coughs blood.)

Shishio: The Gatotsu performed at ground zero. Not bad for a government dog. (He ignites his glove.) You're different from Battosai. You meant to kill me. So in my new age only your name will remain!

(His glove explodes; Saitou falls back in flames.)

Sanosuke: You bastard!

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