In the Mirror Behind the Bar
Chapter 2

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By now most readers should realize that there will not be any extended descriptive sex scenes in my stories. This one is no exception.

Most of the comments I receive on my stories are constructive critiques. I reread the stories to see the problems and corrections which have been pointed out. This helps me to become a better writer.

When I reread, what will now be called Part 1 of this story I realized that there could be more to this tale. So I've done this sequel.

I suggest you read the original story to understand how the characters and events flow into Part 2.

As always constructive critiques are welcome and appreciated. I hope you enjoy this short sequel to "In the Mirror Behind the Bar".

It's been three weeks to the day since I confronted Gilliam, Jake Riley thought. Time to come back to life. I have to admit I was falling in love with the bitch. Although I felt good after outing her to her husband, Donnie, I guess I still went into a funk.

I remember that first week was the toughest; I mean missing work and sitting home feeling hurt and sorry for myself. Going back to work the second week was the best thing I could have done. At least I didn't think about Gilliam for a few hours. You can't run heavy equipment with your mind on something else.

This week has been the best so far, he thought. I realized that I was better off to be away from Gillian. It was only a matter of time before the whole thing would have blown up. Better to have happened now than later. If I'd been with her much longer I would have really been in love. Hell with this, I said to myself. I'm going to Kelly's for a beer or two.

The first person I saw was my friend Jimmy sitting at the bar drinking a beer. Good friend I thought. He went with me to confront Gillian and to protect my back in case Donnie got bent out of shape. Jimmy hadn't seen me yet and I sort of snuck up behind him.

Motioning to the bar maid, Sandy, for two more beers, I tapped Jimmy on his right shoulder. When he turned around to see who it was, I slipped into the barstool on his left. He turned back and saw me and the fresh beer in front of him.

"Speak of the devil," Jimmy said. "I was just thinkin about you."

"Yeah, well here I am," I replied. "At least what's left of me."

"Still hurtin huh?"

"Not so much anymore. Think I'm about over with feeling sorry for myself." Touching bottles together I said, "Here's to suckers everywhere and may I never be one again."

We finished our beer and before I could order another round, Sandy set two more in front of us. "These two are on the house," she said.

I gave her a questioning look. "Thanks but why?"

"You deserve a break after what that bitch did," Sandy replied. "Yes, I know all about it. I knew about it while you were running with that slut. Julie told me." She looked at me for a few seconds as if trying to decide something. Then she said, "In fact Julie set you up."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yep. I didn't figure it was any of my business. I mean you were running around with a married woman and all."

"Why would Julie do that? I thought we were friends or at least not enemies."

"She told me that you were getting what you deserved after tossing her aside, was the term she used." Sandy paused and added, "I didn't know the scam that Gilliam was pulling on you though." She smiled, "Hence the free beer. Just don't expect anymore. Okay?"

"I never tossed Julie aside," I replied defending myself. "We went out two or three times but she wanted a relationship leading to marriage and I wasn't ready for that. In fact she mentioned wanting to get married on our third date," I explained. "I told her then that I liked her but I wasn't ready for that type of commitment."

Taking a drink from my beer I added, "We kissed and hugged goodbye that night and we didn't date again. I had no idea she was upset. I mean she was always friendly when we ran in to each other."

"I guess she wasn't as okay with your decision as you thought," Jimmy said. Nodding at Sandy he ordered two more beers.

Toasting Jimmy with the new beer I heard from behind me, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Turning I saw Gillian's husband Donnie standing there. Behind him stood two really big dudes. "What do you want Donnie?"

"Outside if you're willing," he suggested. "This needs to be a private conversation."

I guess Donnie wants some payback, I thought as I stood and nodded toward the back door. No need to break up Kelly's. Jimmy stood too and started to follow us. "Stay here Jimmy. This is on me, you shouldn't get involved," I ordered. Turning to Sandy I said, "Give him another beer. I'll be right back." At least I hope so, I thought.

Outside, behind the bar I put the wall at my back and faced the three men. Donnie stood about six feet away flanked by his two friends. I knew I could take Donnie, one on one. He was 6' 2, just like me but I outweighed him by maybe fifteen pounds. He had blond hair and light colored eyes just like me, I thought. Maybe that was what attracted Gillian in the first place.

Donnie was in decent shape but it was the gym type of shape; I knew he worked at a desk all day. I worked construction and my muscles were from hard work. I had no doubt that I could handle Donnie. It was his two friends that were the problem.

Bob and Sam, I found out their names later, were really big guys. They both topped 6' 6 and probably weighted 600 pounds between them. Really big, really mean looking and really seemed to be good friends with Donnie.

"Okay, let's get this over with," I said putting my hands up in a fighting stance.

"Get what over with?" Donnie asked.

"If you want a piece of me then let's party," I replied.

Donnie smiled. "You got it all wrong Jake. I just want to talk."

Feeling foolish I stood up straight and asked, "About what?"

Looking at me as if I was brain dead he asked, "Now what could we possibly have to talk about?" He paused and said, Gillian and you."

"What about these two?" I was still suspicious about his motive.

"Remember when you braced me at my table?" I nodded. "You had two guys with you because you wanted to talk to me and didn't want any trouble. Well, I brought Bob and Sam for the same reason. I came to talk to you and didn't want you going ballistic on me," Donnie explained.

"Okay." I paused for a few seconds, relieved that I didn't have to dance with Bob and Sam. "What do you want to know?"

"Tell me about you and Gillian, tell me about the whole thing."

"You sure you want to hear it?" Donnie nodded. Then I nodded.

"I met Gillian in Kelly's one night. She was sitting with Julie, a girl that I knew. Gillian looked hot and I wanted to meet her." I paused to see how Donnie took this. He didn't react so I resumed talking. "Julie introduced us and we hit it off. I've just found out that Julie set me up, but that's another story altogether." I stopped for a few seconds. "Look if we're not going to fight, let's go back inside and get a beer," I suggested.

The four of us went back inside and sat at a booth in the back. It would give us some privacy. I motioned for a round from Sandy and Jimmy brought them over and joined me. I made the introductions and Jimmy sat up straight, pushed his chest out and tried to appear tough.

"Take it easy Rambo," I told him. "It's all good. Donnie just wants to talk." Jimmy slumped back into his seat, relieved that he didn't have to go up against Bob and Sam.

Turning back to Donnie I explained about dating Gillian. "I did get a little suspicious about only being able to see her on Wednesdays and Fridays." Looking at Donnie I weighed whether I should say anymore. He could tell I was thinking about something and waited for me to continue.

Oh what the hell? I thought. "Like I said I was suspicious but I accepted her reasoning. She said that though you guys were essentially separated that she wouldn't feel right rubbing your nose in the fact that she'd moved on and found somebody else."

Shaking my head I said, "What a crock. I thought she was being kind and considerate." Hesitating for a few seconds I added, "But the real reason I believed her was that I'd fallen in love with her."

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