Busted Axle Road
Chapter 46: July, 1987

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"Look, I can still go to Chicago, or even to Camden with you, if you want," Blake told Jenny as he drove the rental car out into the Vegas traffic, which was heavy, even though it was after midnight. "I don't mind."

It was Monday night, and Jenny's last show of the gig was over with. They'd been jam-packed, extra admission shows for the Fourth of July weekend, and they'd really gone well. She was exhausted from the show, glad it was over with, but glad she'd put on a good show, too. "Blake, it really won't be necessary," she replied. "Once I get on that plane, I'm Jennifer Evachevski again, and I've got a purse full of driver's licenses and stuff like that to prove it."

"No big deal," Blake protested. "By the time I get up to the Bay area, it's gonna be late, anyway. I can take the redeye with you, and an early morning flight back to the coast. I can get all the sleep I need on the plane."

"Blake, you're a dear," Jenny told him, stifling a yawn. The letdown following the high of the show was getting to her, now. "You'd be a great mother. I'm the one that ought to be worried about you horsing around up there in Frisco, not you about me in Spearfish Lake."

"There'll be a lot of people in O'Hare, even at that hour of the morning," Blake protested. "It wouldn't be any big deal."

"That's why Jennifer Evachevski is going coach. Nobody would expect Jenny Easton to fly coach. 'Oh, wow!'", she said, raising her voice half an octave, and plating a rasping Brooklyn accent over the top of it. "'You really think I look like Jenny Easton?'"

"I know," Blake said. "I've seen you pull it before. I'd still feel better."

Jenny let her voice go back to normal. "Nothing's going to happen, Blake. As soon as you take off, I'm Jennifer Evachevski, and that'll make me feel as good as anything. You have a good time, and get rested up. It's going to be tough for both of us, soon enough."

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