Chapter 46

Copyright© 2010 by Michael Wolfam

Liv and Finn rode in determined silence the entire, slippery way to the salvage yard. They had to stop several times to push the car when it lost traction. After what seemed like an eternity, they finally reached their destination.

"Did we forget to lock up?" Liv noted the open salvage yard gates.

"Nope, I think the family made it home!" Finn said excitedly. "It looks like the lights in the house and office are on! Oh man, this is great- Shit. I hope they haven't read the paper." He guided the Starfire along a set of fresh tracks that led directly to the warehouse. The main door was open, allowing him to pull in and park next to a lifted, 4 X 4 Ford F-350, which had a flatbed trailer attached to it. Snow chains were wrapped around the truck's knobby, off-road tires.

Before they could get out of the car, they were mobbed by Finn's parents, his older brother, Derrick, and younger sister, Danielle.

"Oh my god, we thought you were dead!" Finn's mom rushed over and gave him a crushing hug as tears fell down her face. "The house was broken into, and everyone in town left messages expressing their condolences. We saw the paper and the surveillance footage ... we thought those guys had killed you!"

"They tried," Finn replied grimly. "But they missed. Takes more than a couple dozen guys to kill a Marine!"

"Geez, you didn't have to bring the war home with you." Derrick shook his head and wrapped an arm around his little brother's neck. "We saw the bullet holes in the cars on the wrecker. What the hell happened?"

Finn related the events of the past two days to his family, who listened in shock. Shock turned to anger when he told them about Grannie being held hostage by Mitch. Only the sound of the wind, howling outside the warehouse, could be heard.

"You're back in town for two days and you already found a girlfriend?" Danielle asked, breaking the tension.

"I was hoping you got that SRT-8 for me," his dad joked. "You know how much I want one!" The mood became almost festive as the Andrews held a miniature reunion. It quickly sobered when they began to contemplate the serious problem at hand.

"So ... we're gonna break into the rehab center and rescue Liv's Grannie," Finn stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "But the problem is that the rehab center is surrounded by a heavy-duty fence and guards. Oh, and Mitch seems to have some kind of personal army at his disposal. So, we were thinking we should return some borrowed property." Finn pointed to the Jeep sitting on the wrecker. "To show him how much we appreciate the loan, I was thinking we could modify it a little. Y'know, add armor, guns, and a big-ass bumper that could break down the gate." He gave his mom a hug. "You guys wanna help?"

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