Come El or High Water
Chapter 6

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TUESDAY 11:25 A.M. CST Safe House, Baltimore, MD

As Mark poured over the data Mike had dumped in his mind, a pattern began emerging that was rapidly becoming frightening in it's own right. He started noticing how many of the same resources the missing Families had used, that were linked directly to data that he knew other agencies used, on a daily basis. He then started following those links to sources outside the US.

'Holy Shit!' was his succinct thought at this revelation.

As this knowledge began to permeate through his soul a terrible fear for his beloved Nation rose and once again, spurred him into action where others would have frozen up in complete shock.

Combing through all the data points at his disposal, Mark rapidly built a snapshot of an amorphous network of related entities working toward a common goal. A goal that chilled him to his bones. World domination and complete control by entities unanswerable to anyone.

Just before contacting Mike to pass on his findings, Mark thought, 'Mike was way too easy on these animals. If he doesn't eradicate these human viruses, I most certainly will see to it.'

He then passed on his data mining results along with his own conclusions. Plus a little suggestion for dealing with these scum sucking bastards.

TUESDAY 12:10 P. M. CST News Stand, Chicago, IL

Mike's first reaction to Mark's new Intel was the polar opposite of the one Mark displayed.

Where Mark had become motivated to action, Mike could feel the lethargy of catatonia trying to settle in, as his mind screamed in horror, 'OH GOD, NOT AGAIN!!!'

He managed to thank Mark and signed off with, 'Talk to you later buddy.'

Mike then turned to his Dad and said, "Pop, can I get the rest of today off. Something came up, again."

Gordon Alison Kilian once again looked into the eyes of a tortured soul and his only child. Then taking Mike's hand in his, he squeezed gently and whispered, "Go."

He'd only seen that look on two faces in his lifetime. Once was on his commander's face at a little vacation spot called Khe Sanh, Vietnam and twice now, on the face of his own son. As he watch Mike stumble around the corner, he felt his heart exploding with the need to support and comfort his child, 'Oh God, Michael ... I wish... '

As Mike headed toward the Lake's Edge portal, he sent the new data to Elnore along with a request for sanctuary at the hold.

Elnore's response was near instantaneous, 'Always, Michael.'

Having cued the portal, Mike stepped through and literally ran into Alliona. The gorgeous white Arabian cocked her head in query and Michael finally broke down, sobbing piteously as he clung to her neck. She, realizing that there was no way Mike could ever mount in this condition then morphed into her Angel form. Holding her charge's head firmly to her breast, she soothed as she sprang into the air, "Hush, My Love, it will all work out. You'll see."

An indeterminate time later Mike awoke to find Elnore sitting beside his bed perusing an ancient scroll. "Ah, I see you've decided to rejoin us at last," Elnore murmured with a gentle smile on his face.

"Oh My Lord, I'm so sorry. I just lost it," Mike shuddered while wiping at his face.

The hint of a grin began edging into Elnore's face as he said, "Hum, I suppose you did. But you are getting better at it. Do you recall the time when I first introduced you to shields? You were out-to-lunch for six hours if I remember correctly." He then glanced at the Hourglass / Auto-Abacus combination timekeeper sitting on a side table and then said with the grin gaining ground, "This time you managed the round trip in just under five and a half. Congratulations, you've set a new Lake's Edge hold record."

Mike couldn't help it then and the chuckle sounding like it was born in his toes emerged, "Not fair!" He wheezed out.

"Come on, slide your butt out of bed and let's get something to eat. I'll even let you bring in that coffee stuff ... yick!" Elnore replied.

"OK, ok, I'm up. You know if the coffee bugs you that much, I could grab something to eat in Chicago." Mike said.

"Oh sure, like that's going to happen. You know as well as I, that you have the same chance of leaving here without all my healers giving you two-thumbs-way-up, as a snowflake has of making it all the way through Hell, unscathed. Now, let's eat," smiled Elnore.

TUESDAY 12:30 P. M. CST Hell, Upper Level 1.5

As The Council Of Five meeting broke up, Sanderson Miles strolled back to his residence.

Even though this wasn't the One World Government he had envisioned so many years ago, still, it was great to be a King.

Entering his domain, he flagged his most recent toys to follow him.

Heading toward The Throne set up in his bedchamber, he untied and dropped his robe along the way. Picking up the riding crop draped over one arm of the throne, he turned and then sat saying, "You may begin."

As the ministration began, he tapped the crop in his palm, anticipating one or both failing to produce the correct level of saliva. The thought floated through his mind once more, 'Oh, it's good to be a King.'

TUESDAY 12:31 P. M. CST Hell, Upper Level 1.5, Backdoor

The backdoor to Hell opened a crack and Spitlik slipped through, thinking, 'I sure hope my Lord didn't miss me. Oh well, screw it, I've got one of the best lines of BS anywhere.'

Then the aroma hit it in the sensory appendage. 'Humans! Oh, how delicious, ' it's thought raged.

The screams began as soon as it entered the outer layer of this wonderful feast. Growing with every consumption, it eventually looked like The Blob That Ate New York City.

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