El No, We Won't Go
Chapter 7

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

Wednesday 4:15 P. M Grant Park, Chicago, IL

As Mike and Ella stepped back through the gate, Ella managed to turn her head in time to see it disappear. Turning back to Mike, the first query from her was, "Does it always close automatically?"

Mike nodded his head yes, saying, "Always has as far as I know. Now we need to practice a bit of scanning. See that young fellow sitting on the seawall?"

Ella nodded and said, "Yes I do, what about him?"

Mike replied, "I want you to remember how the gate and the apples felt, then stretch those same senses over to our young fellow. Go ahead and try it. Don't worry dear, you can't hurt him with this."

Ella did her concentration look, and seconds later her look changed to mild shock again. "Mike, I felt him. I really felt him. Like a warm glow a few inched from my face, but he's all the way over there. How can that be right?"

"Well, it's a bit complicated, but goes something like this," Mike replied, "What you just did was a passive, standard, low level, energy scan. It was just enough to pick up on his life sign and since he's a decent human, his scan came back as 'Warm and Close', now if he had been a 'Butt-hole'. He'd have scanned as 'Cold and Distant'."

"It will take a little time and quite a bit of practice. But you'll soon be doing this automatically with no thought at all. After all, how often do you 'think' about your breathing?" Mike reassured her. "Let's do this, we'll head back toward your home and you can scan as we go. Just to see how many different 'flavors' you can pick up on."

"Oh, and no peeking in folks heads, young Lady," he said with the patented grin making it's appearance again.

"I'll be able to read minds?!" Ella practically shouted. Then whispered like a church mouse, "Michael, that's sooo scary."

"Well, again, it's complicated. But what you will be able to read is their 'intent'. Which most of the time is better than reading minds, because folks think such crazy stuff," Mike said, soothing her. "Let's just mosey along and see what you pick up."

As they set out for Al and Sarah's, Ella noticed that the more she scanned, the clearer the readings became and the less concentration it took to complete them. When they were nearing the Olson's house, Ella suddenly grabbed Mike's hand, saying, "Oh Michael, I've been such a pest to Sarah," with an undertone of anguish.

"Well yes, in a way, but did you pick up on the joy you brought her too?" Mike asked.

The reply was short and sweet, "Oh my, did I do that?"

"You certainly did young lady," Mike grinned at her. "Guess what though? It gets better, because your love now carries the power of Magic. You can now actually decide to literally 'make-her-day'. Is this way too fun yet?" The grin was in full force by now.

Right at that moment, understanding swept across Ella's face, like a tidal wave. "Oh My God! That's what YOU did to ME!!"

The patented grin was getting a real workout, as Mike replied, "Yep, and mighty proud of it too, little one." This was said, while simultaneously sending the image of two thumbs hooked into denim coverall suspenders.

That's about the time the 'giggle brigade' made its appearance on the playing field.

Once the brigade had backed off a few steps, something else began to replace it. Some, would have called it a 'crush'. Some would have termed it 'puppy love', but Mike could feel it welling up from the core of what made this girl unique. As these emotional waves swept back and forth. Ella leaned into Mike and gently kissed his cheek, saying, "Thank you Michael. You did save me, you know?"

Sadness, fleetingly cast a shadow across the grin, as Mike replied, "Yes, I know, Dear One."

The question mark could almost be seen popping on over Ella's head, as she asked, "How will I know what's 'real' then?"

Replying, Mike said, "Well, once again, you've gotten to the core of things. But it boils down to this. In most cases, the first reaction you get from people will be the 'truth'. After that, they'll start sliding their 'defense mechanisms' into place and what you'll get, will be the 'filtered truth', as they see it," he continued, "I'm willing to bet anything I own, that the first thing Sarah said to you was, "Welcome Home Dear" with a huge hug thrown in for good measure."

Ella's eyes widened in mild shock and said, "That's exactly what she said and did. How could you know that? Did you 'read' her?"

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