El No, We Won't Go
Chapter 6

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

Wednesday 2:15 P. M. Elfrealm Lake's Edge Hold, Solarium

Elnore paced, fretted and was about to start climbing the walls.

Checking his doublet in the mirror for the thousandth time, he mentally grabbed himself, 'What are you doing you fool? Oh Danu, help me. I'm as nervous as a youth on his first courting. They should be here any minute now. Oh please Danu, let her be at least a Junior Acolyte level.'

Casting back in his mind over the past three hundred years, Elnore recalled the dreary times. Back to when the clans of Faery had no human Mage to coordinate, their awesome power. To when the best their combined forces could do was a holding action against the foes arrayed before them. 'If only creativity could dwell within the beings of Faery, ' he mused, for the millionth time. But that thought led full circle back to the stone cold reality.

'Might as well wish for flying elephants and whales while you're at it, ' his thought trail continued. Then abruptly his mind snarled out with, 'Stop this at once!! There is no other answer. Creativity, is the domain of the human realm and the Mages that appear are the only way to bridge that creativity with our power. Now stop torturing yourself with this endless tail chasing.' Then his thoughts turned to a brighter note, 'I'd never imagined having two Mages on hand at one time. What in the worlds will I do with them?'

As he was about to literally jump out of his skin, the call from the entryway came, Michael and the girl had arrived. Gathering what dignity he had left, Elnore seated himself at the table to wait the last few minutes. He could hear them, walking in the hallway and the temptation to jump up and run to meet them was almost too much to resist.

Finally he heard Michael's voice, "This way, Dear One. Oh, it might be a good idea to close your mouth when meeting the Prince. Your chin is about to scrape the floor dear," followed by the infamous chuckle. Then around the doorway they came and as he rose to greet them, he saw Michael's lips move, 'Master, at the least.' The relief within his heart could have been cut with a knife it was so full.

"Greetings to you, human Mages, be welcome to my hold and hearth," the formal greeting flowed. Coming around the table he got his first good look at Ella, deciding then and there, that Michael and he both would work on the Little Mage's training.

Ella's hand dipped as she bent at the knees in a fairly good imitation of a court curtsey, and said, "Our thanks, My Lord, for your hospitality given freely."

Of course the effect was somewhat skewed, by the glance thrown at Michael that might as well have shouted, 'Did I Get That Right?', plus the nod back that said, 'Perfect. Way to go kid.'

That was the point he decided that formality would have to take a backseat to practicality. "OK kids, who's hungry? I could eat a griffin right now and they're really, really, nasty," while making an 'icky' face. At which, Ella dissolve into giggles. That, of course, having been the whole intent.

Holding his arms out, Elnore said, "Come, little one. We've waited for you, for so long." That was all it took to have both arms full of melting human girl, who could break ribs with that hug. The look he got from Michael said, 'Tell me about it.'

When he got loose again, Elnore said, "I was quite serious about being hungry would you folk like something?"

The phrase "Bolos de Sol" flowed from Ella's mouth like a prayer.

At this Mike just started laughing, while trying to say between the laughs, "Angelo has hooked another one. He really is batting a thousand."

As a feast began appearing on the table, Elnore caught the, 'I can help' look from the little Mage, with a quick glance in her direction.

At his nod, the little vertical crease appeared on the child's face and seconds later, apples began dropping on the table in profusion. This brought on the 'Oh-My-God-I-Goofed' look from Ella, as apples rolled everywhere.

'Thank Danu, for three hundred years of experience, ' Elnore mused. As he snagged an apple rolling by and with a slight bow, said, "You honor us, My Lady."

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