Star Chamber
Chapter 10: The Battle

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“What is twenty miles?” Heaty asked.

John showed Heaty what an inch is by using the back of his thumb. Twelve inches equal one foot.

Heaty asked, “Are feet and foot the same thing?” So, he understood foot/feet.

John then went big, “Yes, feet is the plural of foot and 5,280 feet make a mile.”

Heaty took the next step, “20 miles are 105,600 feet. Good!” No doubt Heaty could figure on his feet.

We were back with Lady Ada in the control, “Lady Ada, My Jenny wants to heal you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful, please heal Sun at Mid-Day too.” Lady Ada was giggling. John remembered that life on Ada’s planet. They only had three or four thousand words in their language compared to English with its 171,000 words.

Heaty was talking with his brother Lord Tersely. His brother was asking for Heaty to flank Lord Speaking and the Nanux. Lord Tersely had Lord Stensit’s forces on his flank and had lost 7 ships with 70 men as he too faced the much larger force from Nanux.

“Lord John, can we move to 15 to 20 miles away from the Nanux forces to assist my brother?” Heaty asked.

“I need to ask the people I am with if that is okay with them.” John was healing Heaty’s ribs. Heaty handed John the mic.

“Calling Space One, Demetri pick up please,” John said over the mic.

“Gentlemen, we are being asked to assist. What is being proposed is we hang out about 15 to 20 miles on the left side of the battle. If we can give support and cover for Lord Heat to fire his anti-matter into that mass from Nanux, it will make a significant difference in this battle.” John hoped this would fly.

Sally would share later that her vote along with Tina’s had been in favor to join in the battle. It only took a handful of minutes. The four ships went to cloak and went at top speed to get into position. At 15 miles the three 555’s fired at the primary controls on the four Nanux Battleships. The 555’s also took on the Black Jets hitting over one hundred of them. Heaty was sending out anti-matter in a widespread pattern. It took the anti-matter twenty to thirty seconds to start making itself known. Of the thousand Black Jets, there was very few that were flying “normal” after Heaty’s anti-matter got done with them. The explosions lit up the sky. Hundreds of them simply disappeared in the fire and explosions. There was only one hundred or so that were left, and they covered the fifteen miles in seconds in the direction of Heaty and the Earthlings.

A call came in, “Permission to engage sir.”

“Fire.” Vid screamed, “Everybody fire.” The battle was only fifteen or sixteen seconds long. The only things still in front of them was the six Black Jets hit by Demetri with the Energy Cannon. The Black jets hit with the lasers simple exhausted their air and became ghost ships floating by into space often tumbling in the airless space.

“Lord John of the planet might be a good title for him to have. He seems to respect our ranks.” Dar shared.

“We will not be hanging him on a cross,” Vid said as a promise to mankind.

“I have assigned him eighteen Secret Service Agents for his security,” Dar said.

“I will talk to my friends in China and India.” Vid agreed, “I would feel comfortable with a real man of God representing us to the Universe. Can you imagine the Universe changing to fit us? He’s going to change us. Our children may be able to walk the streets at night without fear in an honest and truthful world. One where the rule of law is a secure and permanent fixture.”

“Dar, do you realize we have entered space. Let’s tell the world.” Both Vid and Dar turned to look into the camera as Tina operated it.

“That Light Destroyer seems to be a formidable weapon,” Dar stated.

“The books say we will be building many ships and the light destroyer is one of them.” Tina shared.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very close to having what John described as a 775 that will cover one Light Year in less than an hour. With the little black box, that should give us access to the entire Galaxy. At the end of last week, we’re down to a list of a half dozen items to resolve.” Kevin shared.

Vid looked at the black box John had given him, “I would like 100 of those ships President Humphreys.”

“Yes, I would think 100 of each of the ships we have seen today would add to the security of Planet Earth. If the great nations could stand together in the defense of our planet then it would make our world safer.” Dar Tripp also looked at his black box, “How many did you get Vid?”

“I think I got five Dar, does that make me an ace?” Vid asked.

“I would think so since I got five too.” Dar and Vid both had a good laugh. The Good Ship Solo had gotten a total of forty-one of the Nanux Black Jets. Each of the scores had been digitally recorded and saved. Before Heaty cut them down with his anti-matter the three 555s had hit 168 of the black ships. John laughed when he heard about what the two leaders had claimed, Dar and Vid both got way more than five each. Politicians!

Over the radio came, “Sir, this is escort one, request permission to go after that really big capital ship off to the left.”

“That could be the Lord of Nanux,” Dar stated.

“They are the ones stealing our people!” Vid commented.

“We could end the war today.” Dar purposed, “And stop people from being kidnapped.”

“Let’s do this.” Vid agreed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think?” Dar got affirmative from all again.

“Let’s get behind it and destroy its engines,” Demetri suggested.

Vid got on the radio, “Escort, fall in behind us in a triangle formation.”

On the Lord Heat’s Light Destroyer John had finished healing his new friend and Jenny had healed Ada. Earlier they had been hit with two energy weapons at the same time from two cloak ships and it blew out the primary power supply. They had been tossed about and both had been thrown to the floor. The ship lost its artificial gravity. They were floating about when the secondary power kicked in and restored the floor. It was enough to discharge the anti-matter canon blowing the two Nanux Black Jets to pieces, “Lord Heat, how did you know I was alive?” John asked. He was sitting on the level with the big chairs again. He was almost on eye level with the giant man. His arms must have been a foot in diameter. Physically fit even if he weighed 500 pounds. John wondered if the Seahawks could use him.

“When our plan number twelve failed, Director Bible called all of his circle together. He called in a seer named Zella. She lit some smelly candles and played some relaxing sounds. I think I fell asleep to it all. She called my name, I woke up, and she said I would become best friends to a man called John Taillefer then she corrected herself and said, his name now is John Taylor of the Taillefer Line.

He works with wood and numbers. You will find him on the third planet in the Sol System. The natives call the planet Earth which is another word for Dirt. Long ago the planet was called Aurora and can still be found as such on some of the older Star charts. It is further away from the center than the Pleiades. The Pleiades Federation has been tasked with overseeing Earth.

“You will meet this John Taylor in space after you and your wife are almost killed by two black ships from Nanux. He will simply drop in and will heal your bones and skin.” Zella looked around then, “All of you will see the Galaxy be at peace for a thousand years because of this man Taylor.”

“There is much more, but that should answer your question. Do you work with wood and numbers John Taylor?” Lord Heat asked, “Are you of the Taillefer line?”

“Yes, to all you ask.” John smiled, “Taillefer is of the French Language meaning worker of Iron or metal. My family took on that name around 1,100 years ago in that country called France. One of my many Great Grandfathers made his own sword. When they moved to England around 900 years ago, they changed the family’s name to Taylor. When I was 13 years old, I built my first building. When I was 25 years old, I graduated from a special place to become a master of numbers. I have built many buildings of wood.”

“Is England where English comes from?” Heaty asked.

“Yes. We have more than seven billion people on Earth. About one billion speak English every day.” John thought for a few seconds, “Why were you looking for me Lord Heat?” John asked.

“I cannot tell you. Director Bible has asked me not to.” Heaty was sad.

“He has a book written long ago that has my name in it. It tells of how I become Emperor of the Galaxy.” John said, “I bring prosperity and peace to the galaxy.

“You know already. Why ask me?” Heaty looked at John with his face reflecting the question, “How do you know this?”

John looked at Jenny. She had climbed the ladder and sat next to him, “My dear friend, I light smelly candles or incense and I play some nice relaxing music. Sometimes I fall asleep, but when I awake, I know the answers. I am like Zella in that way, just maybe not as good.”

“Yes, you talk to God. Of course, you can ask a question and get an answer.” Heaty said.

Ada got excited as she was pointing to the scanner screen with both hands.

“What do you see Lady Ada?” John asked in her language.

“Three ships a long way away coming at us from behind. Many ships coming from the battlefield.” John translated for all.

“Where did Space One and his escorts go?” John asked.

“They went off to the left. I think there was a dreadnaught over that way that was heading for home.” Jenny was saying.

“Calling Space One. Pick up Demetri please.” John said over the mic.

“Lord John, we are a bit busy right now. Have you ever wrestled an alligator?” Demetri rattled off. There were all kinds of sounds coming from the background. (Look out) (That thing is as big as a house)

“We just cut off one of the nine engines from that beast.” Demetri said, “It’s slowing down. Got to go!” The three 555s had not only cut off one engine but had damaged all nine and had shut down four of them.

John would learn later that the Presidents and their escorts were in the battle for their lives. The dreadnaught had six guns in the front. Three sets of twos. The ship was going to stop and engage who would dare pester them. The three 555s shot out the windows in the Control Tower. President Tripp then had their ship maneuver near the top of the control tower and point straight down at the deck. They punched a dozen different holes in that deck. A dozen black jets came out of the side and the other two 555s took them on and made them into ghost ships floating in space. When it was over Demetri called up John.

“Lord John are you still in need of help?” Demetri asked.

“Yes, it appears we have three light destroyers coming at us,” John answered.

“On the way at best speed,” Demetri advised.

The 555s arrived just in time to be deployed. John had suggested a battle plan where one of the 555s would be on the left flank about 12 miles out. Another would be on the right flank also 12 miles out. The third 555 would be under Lord Heat’s destroyer by about 5 miles. Everyone took their places.

When the three ships got within twenty miles of Lord Heat he called, “Halt or you will be fired upon. Identify yourself. You are approaching a battlefield.”

“I’m Lord Stensit of the Planet Etamine. I have vessels in the area. Possibly they were in the battle. Who was involved?”

“Lord Tersely from the Planet Brentox and Lord Taillefer from the Planet Earth. I am Lord Heaty of the Planet Funston, why have your men tried to kill me twice today?”

“John, I understand him. I understand the language.” Jenny had signed this making no noise by pointing first to Heaty then her ear while nodding. Scott gave John a look and smiled.

Jenny was sitting in the chair that Heaty had fashioned for the gunner of the anti-matter cannon. Lord Heat had been looking over her shoulder advising her on its use. Jenny had learned very quickly.

“Lord Heat, because you are on the wrong side, my friend.” Lord Stensit answered, “Now get out of my way.” There was more to the message, but Jenny would never repeat those words. The three ships of Stensit all fired.

“That’s their anti-matter canons,” Heaty said to everyone. At five seconds he fired the Matter Canon that was a gift from his brother. He waited until the matter and the anti-matter started exploding before he raised his ship straight up about five miles.

When the explosions started Heaty gave the command, “All ships fire.”

When they had cleared the explosions, “Lady Jenny, fire one round each at those three ships then do it again.”

It took about eleven seconds but pieces of all three ships were totally blown into dust. The second rounds created a bigger debris field and blew the rest of the ships into pieces, “Fire one more round at each of the three ships.” Heaty directed as he stopped the upward movement of his destroyer.

“Hello, little brother, did you save any for us? We heard who it was and saw and heard enough to be a witness with recordings.” Lord Tersely said.

“Hello, Lord Tersely. We believe we might have also gotten Lord Speaking from Nanux.” Heaty shared.

“Who is with you Lord Heat?” Tersely asked.

“Lord Taylor of the house of Taillefer from Earth.” Heaty was excited. They were speaking in English, so this conversation was also being heard in the 555s.

“What kind of weapons does this Lord have?” Tersely asked.

“They call it a Laser. It can shoot a great distance and travels to a target as fast as light. The shields do not stop it and it will burn a hole as big as your hand in the time to count to three very fast, in walls or windows of a ship.” Heaty answered.

“How much time is needed to reload?” Tersely asked.

“No reload required, it is instant.” Heaty answered, “The three ships with me took out Lord Speaking’s dreadnaught.”

“Wow! What is your plan?” Tersely asked. Tersely had kept his military community very active with the research of faster, and better driving the results. As other planets failed to keep up, his planet had stayed at the cutting edge of development for this area of the Galaxy. His Defender ship had the advantage over the light destroyer with its Matter Cannon. They had started with 206 Defenders chasing 1,000 plus Light Destroyers of Lord Stensit. Today there was 40 Defenders left and none of Lord Stensit’s Light Destroyers. To have Lord Stensit blown into space dust was a major win, not unlike checkmate when the king is captured in Chess.

“We are going to Planet Earth.” Lord Heat advised.

“Is that the one that is called Aurora on the old maps?” Tersely asked.

“Yes, before the Stensit and the Speaking Families had wiped out thousands of planets long ago.” Heaty said, “Perhaps today is also a bit of balance to that debt of long ago. Director Bible believes Stensit destroyed the old Emperor. A fitting end for Lord Stensit!”

“That is out of our way but will only add a short time to our travel. Mind if we tag along?” Lord Tersely said, “Maybe we can get some water and supplies.”

“Yes, brother, we welcome you,” Heaty said.

And so, it was the three 555s leading the way going all out at seven and a half billion miles per hour. Heaty, Ada and their visitors John and Jenny tagging along with Scott following the 555’s. Behind them were 40 of Tersely’s ships barely going at the ninth click on a 21 click speed control rod. Forty that were left out of the 50 ships that entered today’s battle. Someday a similar version to the Defender would be the last of the Galactic Class ships built by Earth and have the designation of F-995 by Lockheed. The vessels built like the Destroyer would be designated the F-885.

Two hours into their journey they picked up the four 555’s that were making their way after them. There was much talk in Russian. Vid ordered them to turn around and meet at Lockheed.

“Vid then changed to English, “John your home may have been hit. The West part of Seattle was destroyed by four unknown ships.”

“President Pusin, what I am getting is they destroyed the church and a half mile in all directions that we had taken the snow off. The rest of the area is still covered in 14’ of snow.” John repeated what he was hearing, “From the air the snow-covered buildings were not discovered.”

“They shot one of the offending ships down.” Vid paused, “But they shot the hell out of our two Air Forces.”

“How bad Vid?” Dar needed to know the worse.

“Dar, maybe 300 to 400 or MORE of our joint forces are gone. We need to be ready to explain it to our people.” Vid said sounding very sad.

They were nearing the Van Allen Belt, “Shields at 100%!” John screamed over the mic.

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