E. A. Taylor: Profile

These stories are designed to help children practice reading. I'm dyslexic and had a very hard time learning to read. Part of the problem was that the things I was given to read were very boring. I hated reading until I discovered Tom Clancy when I was 17. It was hard at first, but with Clancy's great books I grew to love reading. I'd like to pass that joy along.

I've been helping my friend's 11 year old and started writing short stories and factoids about stuff he's interested in. I figured I might as well share these (and other stuff) with the wider world. Most of my work is non-fiction but I am not a professional writer, educator, or scientist. I try to be accurate but I might be wrong. Take everything here with a grain of salt. If you see I've made a mistake, please let me know. Parents should read everything through to ensure it's appropriate for their child.