R.P.A.M.: Profile

I started with writing stories about a girl in 2009. In real life, she is somebody I met on the Internet, and we shared a common interest. After some time, she asked me if I wanted to help her with her stories and translate them into English. She wanted to share them with other like minded people on a forum, and of course, I accepted it. I already knew a few things she had done, and I thought that her adventures could be fun enough to turn them into little stories. And what started as only a few, quickly turned into enough stories for a book.

During this period, I discovered that I liked writing stories and in the summer of 2009, I started to write on my first fictional story called 'Alternate Discipline Plan in Europe'.

Not much later, I got a request for a story that has now turned into the book that is called 'Agent X5 – Trouble in Paradise'.

Until then, I only wrote erotic stories!

My first non-erotic story I wrote, was about another hobby I have. In the past, I played World of Warcraft every day, but now I play it maybe once or twice a week for a few hours. However, a friend of mine is still very active and when he started his own guild, I decided to write a short story about our characters and that turned into the story 'World of Warcraft - Preparations for the Coming Storm'. It's a little based on what I know that will happen when the new mayor update will be released and the story is about the preparations for is to come in the game at the end of 2010.

I have already a few other stories in mind, that aren't really erotic stories. However, for now, the WoW story will be the only one on this website. I need to finish another story first, before I will start working on more mainstream stories!

For the rest, I hope you will enjoy the stories I will be publishing here, and please keep in mind that my native language is Dutch and not English. So, the English I will be using will sometimes look somewhat different than you would expect, but I'm sure it will be readable, and it's more about the stories than the spelling of course!