Frank the First Born: Profile

I am male, English by upbringing Irish/Welsh by blood. I like happy endings and stories that end up at worst morally neutral. A little magic, science and interplay between the sexes can singly or together often spice up a tale.

Many of my stories are simple fantasies written for my own pleasure, whether any of these will escape into the real world to be read is another matter ...

I welcome any criticism, and like encouragement that dares to be truthful. If you want to be unpleasant or flame me that's OK, too - just remember, you don't have to read my work and I don't have to read your emails!

If I have given you enjoyment, take a minute to tell me: if you don't write you can have no idea what a true payment such messages are.

Please enjoy and to quote a famous Irishman (Dave Allan) 'May your God go with you.'