Catharina's FS: Profile

This is my second account with WLC, and I'm happy Lazeez has opened it because I do enjoy writing stories that don't have an erotic theme.

I have written many stories for a younger audience, mostly paranormal and urban fantasy, or at least stories with a touch of magic but always a romance, and I needed a place to present them to you so you can give me your honest opinion what you think of them.

Also, many people love to share stories they read online with their younger children (under 17), and I want to write stories that are pretty PG so they can.

Please let me know what you think of the stories I'll be posting here. I would love to hear from you whether your comments are scathing or praise, but above all else, I would prefer your most honest feedback because it will only help me grow as an author.

Of course, since I plan to write PG rated stories for this site, I hope your feedback mirrors that rating.

I truly do hope you'll enjoy the stories I publish here, and I hope to hear from you whether you do or don't.

On my Blog tab you can find me on Blogger. If you have a Blogger, please add me and I'll return the favor.

Thank you for reading my fantasies.

*~Catharina's FS ~*