Romance Wuxia Modern genre: Profile

In my life I like a lot of stuffs such as gymnastics, mixed martial arts, traditional martial arts, fight scene choreography, drawing, Sepak Takraw, Parkour, and writing. Out of all of these things, I love writing the most not because I like to write in general, but because I love story ideas and scene ideas. Stories and scenes just makes me feel this great and wonderful feeling inside of me that cannot be described with words at all when I read, review, and visualize them. I want to share this great and wonderful feeling that I feel that cannot be described with words with others through the stories and scenes that I've wrote.

My favorite genre of stories and scenes to write is romance(Wuxia and modern). Most of my writings are inspired by a combination of my favorite dramas, stories, and my own ideas coming together into one.

My Romance stories are inspired by Chinese dramas, Thai dramas, Anime, Martial Arts Movies/Movies, and Video Games.