LVWolfman: Profile

Welcome to my Twisted Mind!

I have a number of stories "in the works" ranging from adult humor to mainstream SciFi & Fantasy. To date though, I've only finished four stories, Just Another First Mind Control Story was my first finished story and was born out of frustration after reading one first time MC story too many. It won the 2003 Black Dragon Award for Best Mind Control Short Story. You can find it over on

As to when more stories will appear by me, even I don't know. I've got what I'm told are some great stories. But of course they aren't even close to being finished yet.

One thing that I have noticed... is that I like twisted stories and twisted endings. I guess I watched too much Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock while growing up. A number of my short stories and novels fall into the category and will be grouped into a compilation called "The Raven Tales".

Anyway, thanks for taking a look. Feedback is always welcome.