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November 27, 2010
Posted at 7:37 am

OK, updating my update. On the 16th I wrote that I would be reposting "Timeline" and "World" because I have been working on some new things for "World" and adding to "Timeline" accordingly. That got put on hold just when I was almost finished, however.
So, there I was a bout a week ago, taking a shower and getting ready for bed when a sentence popped into my head.

"She was naked and tied to a bed when we first met."

I know, I know, who hasn't wished for a scenario like that. However, my mind doesn't usually work that way. When otherwise unoccupied, I tend to have long (and probably very boring to most) thoughts about quantum mechanics or constitutional philosophy or fantasy chartography. So I had to think about what popped into my head and it grabbed me by the brain and began wrestling with me. I wound up staying up past 7 a. m. writing the first part of what has turned into a strange (especially for me) story about love. Those of you on SOL are going to be disappointed. This has very little in the way of physical love and more to do with . . . hmm, shall we say fated, emotional love. The kind storytellers and poets and . . . well, bards have been writing about since man figured out how to string together sounds to make words. This new story is close to finished and I should be posting it in the next day or so.
After that, I will either get back to my updating of "World" or I will finish one of the three or four other things I have simmering in my head at the moment. Whichever my muse finds most interesting.

Oh, and I want again to thank those of you who liked and sent me e-mails on "A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land." I hate to disappoint you all by saying that more from that storyline won't be coming soon as the rest of that story line expands into a four book series, the third of which is practically finished. I want to say that the response has definitely got me thinking about publishing and I may begin to look for that option soon.