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November 22, 2010
Posted at 6:16 pm

It may be counter-intuitive, but if authors really want to attract readers to read their work perhaps they would do better than write the same kind of promotional blogs that everyone else writes and nobody actually reads.

FineStories is a good idea for a website, but is in danger of extinction if authors don't do a little more with their blogs than merely realise the idle readers' worst fears by using the site to publicise their fiction rather than provide something they may actually want to read.

When someone by accident stumbles on this site wouldn't it be good for them to say: "Hey! There's a lot of interesting things to read here. I'll browse a few stories and find something I'll enjoy reading."

Instead of saying (as I suspect); "Bloody hell! Why should I give a monkeys about this author or that author's offering? I'll go and fantasise to pictures of women or men on YouTube instead."