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Couple of short ones submitted for posting

November 17, 2010
Posted at 3:05 pm

Still have not found the story I am looking for, it must be on an old computer. In looking for it, I found a couple of stories that are related to a series of novels I have written but not published yet. They will be the beginning of a new Universe that will be made up of short stories that are only related to the novels in that they take place in the same world. A word of warning for all who will read this new Universe. I will be using very ethnic names for many of the characters. This means that many of the names have Germanic or Slavic or Celtic or some other pronunciation scheme. Examples of this are in the first two stories in the name Josef. I left an end note in the story "A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land" but I will repeat it here. Josef is not pronounced "Jo-sef" but "Yo-zef" with the "o" being long like "go" and the "e" being short like "get." Similar ethnic pronunciations will be used in these stories and some of them can be difficult, especially the Celtic names. I may, if I get enough e-mail on it, make a pronunciation guide but I hope readers are internet savy enough and interested enough to look them up for themselves. Such name pronunciation guides should be findable online, as that is where I got some of mine.
So, that is what I have coming up in the next day or so as far as postings. Both new stories in the new Universe are submitted and you can expect them soon. Enjoy and don't forget to vote. And as always, I welcome constructive input.