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I'm Back . . . Sort of.

October 1, 2017
Posted at 8:29 pm

Well, I know some of you wondered if I was dead. I'm not. In May, I was in a car accident that badly injured my knee. This made it literal torture to sit at a computer and thus made it a little hard to write. The pain also made the creative process come to a halt. The knee still hurts and so writing is still slow-going, but I am starting to get some done.

In that vein, I have submitted a couple of things for those who have been waiting. Sadly, not In the Darkness Falling. The first thing I started thinking about when the inspiration started flowing was the Rage Series. I know many people saw Rage V and Rage VII and thought I messed up but no, I simply came up with VII before Rage VI came to me. Also, a number of people have written to me asking about some background on the Rage Series. So, I have just submitted Rage VI: The Anarchy Maneuver and Rage Series Appendices for your enjoyment.

I will start working on getting back to ItDF and hopefully that will be forthcoming soon, but most of that is dependent on how my knee progresses. Sadly, my doctors have left me little in the way of a prognosis timeline since the injuries are simply things that have to heal on their own without surgery. A lot of my time during the day is taken up by physical therapy exercises and recovery from them. This leaves very little writing time during the day and so it will be slow-going until it heals.