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Chapter 26 - Deadline

June 30, 2017
Posted at 11:03 am

Chapter 26 is in the posting queue. I was planning on waiting until the next chapter is ready for editing. It isn't ready, and I changed my mind about waiting. My primary reason for changing my mind is that chapter 25 ended in a cliff hanger. I didn't want to leave anyone hanging longer than necessary and chapter 27 isn't near completion.
PROGRESS UPDATE: I've been working on Chapter 27, but it is a very long chapter, and near the end of the story. Every writer knows the beginning and ending of a story are critical. A weak ending makes the reader wonder why they went to all the trouble. It takes time to get it right. Chapter 27 is outlined, and each scene is sketched out (currently 10 separate scenes). I'm only on the second scene so I may need to break it into two chapters. END OF PROGRESS UPDATE:
Thanks for reading.