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New Math on Scoring

September 4, 2016
Posted at 12:09 am

I was looking at some of the scores I have posted on my stories and decided to look deeper into the numbers and I am beginning to think the math algorithm being used has a bug or two in the code. As a for instance, the story Death and Love in Marjah has 414 total votes. Of those, 287 are 10s. For the rest I have to guess because the graphic the site uses is really bad. I am guessing another 70 (give or take) are 8s, 25-30 are 9s, with the rest being mostly 6s with maybe a handful or so of 5s and a few 2s. Using conservative estimates and making sure the number of votes comes out to 414, that story's score should be somewhere above 9, not hovering below 8. Now I am sure, given the crappy graph authors get showing the breakdown of the scoring, that my counts were off slightly. Slightly. Certainly not off enough to produce a 10% difference between my math and the math the site winds up with. Now, I have never been very score-conscious when writing and posting my stories but I have noticed something a little screwy about this site's scoring over the last year or so. When I saw DaLiM once more below 8, I thought I would blog about it and see if any other authors or readers noticed similar things in the stories they post or read.