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New Story and more delays

May 14, 2016
Posted at 2:51 pm

I know I said I would have new chapters for In the Darkness Falling but I wound up sick once more (fourth time since just before Christmas) and then very busy at work. The new chapters are written but I have not had time to type them into the computer. Guiltily, I did write a new story but this was one my muse would not let me drop. I tried valiantly for almost a week to not write it but it seemed every time I saw my niece I would get whacked by my muse until I finally gave in. While it is vaguely fantasy, there is nothing going on in the story that could not happen in the real world, if we would simply acknowledge the problem as a society. Anyway, that is what Fathers of Blondes Anonymous is. As the End Note on the story says, most of the incidents the characters talk about are things I have seen with my own incredulous eyes.

As for ItDF, I will endeavor to work harder on getting that typed up, edited, and submitted shortly. I have what will probably wind up being at least three chapters hand-written and it is looking like I will blow past my hoped-for limit of fifteen chapters for this story. It is now looking more likely to be twenty or so by the time I wrap things up with the Epilogue.

I have also begun work on a short story titled Unexpected Adventure that will show a little of Edgar's back story as well as fleshing out the incident mentioned in ItDF involving Alice's and his encounter with Weretigers in London. That one I just started the other day at work and I will work on ItDF before getting that one in the computer and finished.

Sorry things have been slow and disjointed, but nothing much has gone to plan the last several months. Check out Fathers of Blondes Anonymous and, as always, feel free to let me know what you think.