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Rage V Submitted

March 21, 2016
Posted at 9:47 pm

I have just submitted Rage V: The Bloody Hand for your reading pleasure. I apologize for not getting it in sooner but it took longer than I hoped to get into the computer and this past week was busy at work. I put a warning on the description because there is a bit of vivid gruesomeness in this one as it describes how Angus' father reacts when he finds out about events at Exposé. Rage V advances the story a bit and fills in a little side detail on Angus and his family.

I also have the next chapter of In the Darkness Falling complete but it is completely, or almost completely, hand-written so it will be a little bit before I have it typed in and edited. The back log from me being sick (off and on) for nearly three months with bronchitis is going to take me a while to work through but be patient and I hope to get stuff posted more regularly.

That is all for now. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the new Rage.