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The Story Behind "Poking the Devil"

February 9, 2016
Posted at 12:58 am

My story "The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye" almost never saw the light of day. I realized it had some significant problems. The main character, who talks to himself, was seen as 'disturbing', and the beginning of the story consists of back story necessary to understand the rest of the story (a no-no in writing).

I tried rewriting the story (which explains the memory sequence in the Prologue), to feature this information as a flashback while jumping directly into the action, but it just didn't work (there was too much that depended on what unfolds earlier).

Now that I'm four chapters into the story (3 + the prologue) and not getting much feedback, I'm questioning the story again. In short, I may take another look at rewriting the initial chapters. We'll see whether I can do any better this time. If so, I'll post an updated story (after this one completes, before I post it to SOL). That way you can compare the two. I'm already considering scenes to cut.