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Chapter 6 of ItDF ready

July 1, 2015
Posted at 8:51 pm

As the entry title says, Chapter 6 of In the Darkness Falling has been submitted for your reading pleasure. Sorry it is a bit late but I had family in town and so I didn't really have time to edit and post it until today. The writing for this story is about half completed at this point, at least I hope. I was projecting this story to be about 15 or so chapters long and I am well into Chapter 8. It is getting hard to fight off the urgings of my muse as she keeps hitting me with ideas for the next book in this series. I have already written the Prologue for the next Dark Wars book that I have tentatively titled A Phoenix in the Shadows. I have also been fighting off the urge to start writing ItDF backwards as ideas for how to end the book keep popping into my head. The Epilogue for ItDF is already written and I know what the last chapter or two is going to look like but I don't want to start writing them or I will find myself somewhere I did not plan on going with this story. There are a few more chapters along the road the story is traveling now and then we will have a time jump of a few of months leading up to the grand finale.

I have also been fighting the urge to write another Alice/Alexa short story, probably having to do with the Weretiger incident that Edgar was a part of that was already mentioned and will be mentioned again shortly. I will eventually write that one down, but I really want to wrap up ItDF first.

As far as Anomaly of the Fates is concerned, I have the next chapter written down but I have not had the opportunity to get it in the computer yet. Sorry about that for those of you waiting patiently on that one. Future Distorted will also probably be a while before anything new on that story gets done. Again, my apologies to those waiting on that one, too.

I will leave things there for now. Chapter 6 of In the Darkness Falling will be up later tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy and let me know what you think.