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New-Old Stories Found!

February 3, 2015
Posted at 2:03 am
Updated: July 24, 2015 - 3:23 pm

Whilst moving things about in my room yesterday, I came across two stories I wrote/started quite a while back that I thought had been lost in between computer upgrades years ago. Hard copies, if you can believe that! Anyway, I was overjoyed because for one of the stories I had started a sequel but couldn't finish it due to lack of a story to consult regarding details and continuity. When I started There Be Dragons! years ago, it was in an attempt to write something aimed more at kids. So no swearing, no blood and gore, easier vocabulary and syntax, and a little bit of an adventure about a daydreaming orphan who loved his grandfather's stories.

That was the first story. The second story was an attempt to create an origin story for vampires in the first novel I ever wrote. It took me three years to finish the first novel (600 single-spaced pages in MS Word) after I graduated high school and when I was done I immediately started on the sequel. About halfway through the sequel I went back to reread the first novel and stopped. I stopped reading and stopped writing the sequel because my first novel was dreadful. Not the characters or the concept, just the actual writing. Bad syntax, simplistic vocabulary, wandering plotlines . . . just dreadful to read. So Books 1 and 2 of my writing career went on a proverbial shelf and everything connected to it was forgotten with the half-hearted hope that I might re-write them one day. Curse of the Vampyr, however, was still a good short story and I liked the concept behind it. I just didn't have a complete copy of it. Now I do.

So, sometime this week I will be getting them submitted after typing them into the computer, doing a little re-writing, and then editing them. There Be Dragons! will be first and that should be submitted sometime tomorrow barring real life intruding. Curse of the Vampyr will be later in the week.

So look for them this week and then this weekend or the beginning of next week will be Chapter 2 of In the Darkness Falling. That is all for now. Enjoy the new stuff coming your way soon!