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The Prophecy Chapter 3 submitted & Am' Universe story upcoming

September 17, 2010
Posted at 1:27 am
Updated: September 17, 2010 - 1:35 am

OK, annoyances gone and 9/11 gotten out of my system, for the most part, so I have reposted the first 2 chapters of Prophecy after slight tweeking and submitted chapter 3. They should be up in the next day or so.

On the Am'mortal Universe front, the next story for that should be out probably by the end of the weekend. It will be one of the few in the Universe that will be directly related to (or sequel/prequel of) another story in the Universe. In this case, "The Wanderer" is the sequel to "The Doom of Immortality" and will tell what the monk does after the gathering. So if you have not read "Doom" please do so before readinging "The Wanderer," it will give you a better understanding of the story. You may want to give "The World of Qaryesh T'Marne" a look as some of the races described therein will be featured as well as their Gods. Also, "The Wanderer" is written in 1st person, so the reader will be getting more of a feel for what is going on inside the main character's head as he begins his journeys as an Am'mortal.