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New story starts today

January 13, 2015
Posted at 11:04 am

My newest story, "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes", begins posting today. This is an unusual story for FS, as it's the third book of my "Great Death" series about an Apocalyptic event.

I'm posting it to FS because, unlike the other books in the series, it's "PG" rated. (That's mainly due to the pacing of the story, which jumps from one set of characters to another, rather than following any one group long enough for them to develop romantic interests.)

I've written the story with this in mind. You should be able to follow it without reading the other books in the series, although reading the other books will certainly make for a more organic and enjoyable read.

The other books in the series, "Love and Family During the Great Death" and "Grappling with Survival", takes an unusual approach to the post-apocalyptic story by focusing on what those suffering through an apocalyptic event experience, and how those experiences affect them afterwards. Instead of people waking up after billions of people have died (with no bodies lying around to rot), fighting over resources, these stories focus on a world sick of violence and death, and the difficulties involved in getting people to trust each other enough to join forces to prevent a resurgence in the ongoing plagues.

I think you'll enjoy the new story, whether you've read the previous books or not.