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Creative Buzzkill

September 11, 2010
Posted at 9:19 pm

Got a double whammy of a creative buzzkill. Because I spent some time in the northeast, 9/11 hits hard every year. I knew a few people who worked in lower Manhattan at the time of the attacks, though thankfully none were killed, and I had an uncle who was a firefighter in North Jersey who worked on the recovery. So seeing the documentaries and the memorials and the recollections are hard every year. I think they are necessary to remind those idiots who seem to have difficulty grasping the idea that someone they have never met wants them dead, but they are also creative buzzkills for me.

In addition to that very serious, very necessary creative block, I also have a very annoying, very . . . well, just think of your slowest, most irritating relative or friend or acquaintance and that is who is staying in my house this week. Add on to that the frickin' purse-sized dog that accompanied them who keeps pissing on the damn carpet and you can see that this week was not a very good one condusive to creativity of the type that will get my stories finished. So I apologize and am hoping some of the good vibes will return next week.

All that is the long version of why the stories I am working on are still incomplete. Sorry guys and gals.