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May 11, 2014
Posted at 9:45 am

Hello, all. My name is Vincent Berg, and I'm more of a storyteller than an author. I weave interesting stories by fusing together unlikely and unrelated events into interesting scenarios.

I've been publishing for the last three years and have already cranked out nine books. They can be found on my website

This story, "Stranded", is a quirky tale that was largely spawned by a frustration with the government spawned by the repeated government shutdowns in recent years, and the fact that vested interests seemed to dictate what happened, as opposed to anyone offering solutions. I hope you like it.

I not only appreciate feedback, I depend on it. Whether it's pointing out typos, corrections, suggestions or simply comments, I encourage everyone to suggest any corrections they see to the story. While I can't promise to include them all, I'll at least consider them and let you know which course I'll take.