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Rage Part II

March 21, 2014
Posted at 8:54 pm

I know it is a week later than I promised some of you, but I was unaware that most of Rage-Part II was still in handwritten form and it took me a few days longer to type it up than I thought. And then I had to edit it. That being said, Rage-Part II: Outliers has been submitted and will probably be up by tomorrow, later tonight if the Webmaster is rockin' his magic tonight. Part II continues the story of the bouncer from Part I and begins the fantasy/sci-fi (not sure how to classify this one) elements of the series as well as gives some of you who wrote to me after Part I some satisfaction in the way of answers about FitzKiern's past and family.

Since my muse is still whacking me upside the head about this one, Rage-Part III: Candy is completed but in handwritten form as well. Meaning, I will have to type it up and edit it yet but I will endeavor to do that this weekend. Don't count on it being up on the site, however, until next week.

I really am trying to get back to the two open projects as well as getting more of In the Darkness Falling completed so I can start posting it, but my muse is a twisted wench with a mad-on right now about Rage. I will try to steer things in other directions, but Rage-Part IV is already in progress, though that one may have to only be posted on SOL given the explicit sexual content of it. I may try to edit it for Finestories, but I think that would defeat the purpose of the story. We will see.

That is all for now. Enjoy Rage-Part II and bear with me as I try to work through my muse's peculiarities.