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Anomaly of the Fates Ch. 6

December 28, 2013
Posted at 2:09 pm

Chapter 6 of Anomaly of the Fates has been submitted and should be up soon. I have also resubmitted the other five chapters and the Prologue because I have cleaned up some of the things I saw when rereading those chapters over the last week or so. Nothing major has been changed, but they were changed so they needed to be reposted. I am also working on some of the background info for the Xeuxondra Universe probably to be posted either on the new year or shortly after. I am hoping it won't take that long, but it is a large file and it may take longer than I hoped. After that, I am hoping to have The Arrogance of Empire finished soon, a short story in a new Universe I am tentatively titling Pan-Deia. When I get that posted (possibly along with some of that new universe's background info) I will be getting back to Future Distorted and the sequel to Enter the Darkness, In the Darkness Falling.

So that is the news. Hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!