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Finally a Finale!

June 24, 2013
Posted at 4:33 pm
Updated: June 24, 2013 - 4:34 pm

All right folks, I know it has been longer than I thought, but the final chapter of An Abridged History of the Order sort of got away from me. I thought I was going to be writing a quick, five page short, short story and wound up writing just a regular twelve page short story longer than most chapters I write for the novel-length works I post. I just submitted it so it should be up by tomorrow, later tonight if the Webmaster is rocking his magic today.

Chapter V of AAHotO is the finale of this work and I will now endeavor to get back to finishing up the next chapter of Enter the Darkness, which has also gotten away from me and will be quite long. I could have broken it up into two chapters, but I could not find a convenient and satisfactory place to break it, so you get to wait and then revel for longer on this one. As I told a reader who recently wrote me about finishing Enter the Darkness, I figure another three chapters or so and EtD will be finished.

For those of you now bawling your eyes out and screaming, "NOOOOOO!," relax. I have already started the sequel to Enter the Darkness. It was never meant to be a stand alone story but more of an origin story to lead into a series of novels about Alexandra McKiernan and her life as she battles the forces of Darkness. I already have a title to the next book, In the Darkness Falling, so be patient on that one and it will be forthcoming.

After wrapping up the next chapter of EtD, my plans are in the air. I would really like to wrap up the whole story but I also don't want to leave other stories languishing with the "In Progress" label too long. My best guess is that, as always, it will be up to the temperamental muse I have been assigned and whether her anvil logistics are running smoothly.

That is all for now, enjoy the finale of AAHotO (those of you who are reading it) and as always I welcome your comments, so long as they are constructive.