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Real Life

March 5, 2013
Posted at 5:00 pm

As is intimated in the subject head, real life has intruded/aided my intention to have had something posted by now on one of my open projects. The intrusion comes in the form of work (as opposed to writing blocks), which has gotten extremely busy of late and means that I have not had time to sit down and type anything into the computer, never mind edit and post it. It has aided because while I do not normally have access to a computer that I can write on at work, I have had time to write down stuff by hand. This means that the next chapte of Enter the Darkness is close to finished, I have been working on finishng the next chapter of Future Distorted and Anomaly of the Fates, and I have even gotten the beginnings of some other things started (one of which will likely be something I will only publish, not post, though I may post snippets here (on LiveJournal). All of that is my way of saying please be patient. I know some of you have given up hope that some of the stories left unfinished will never be picked back up, but I am working on them (most of them) and I do plan to post something soon.

Thanks for the patience and have faith, writing is someting I have to do (it is the only ways to get the crazy/wonderful/odd/etc. ideas out of my head), not something I do as a hobby that might be dropped when it gets old.