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Revised Timeline

August 21, 2010
Posted at 8:32 pm

OK folks, I have submitted the Timeline for reposting. I got an e-mail from a reader and he had a suggestion about that particular file so I will be implimenting his suggestion from here on out. In the Timeline you will start to find lines that start with *. Those are the story titles posted already and they are inserted into the rough area in the timeline where they take place. I had thought the first two were easy to place but when I got the reader's e-mail I realized that "The Blue Man" was a little obscure and some of the other stories I have planned cannot be placed by simply reading the story and looking for events on the timeline. So, "The Doom of Immortality" can be found near the beginning of the Timeline and "The Blue Man" will be near the end.

I have two stories and another addendum which will be coming soon, one is simply a sequel to "The Doom of Immortality" (HINT: You REALLY need to have read Doom before reading that one) and follows The Wanderer and another is about a blind Am'mortal sorceress. Look for those in the next week or two. The addendum is an appendix of sorts which will flesh out some of the concepts in the Universe such as races, gods, and nations. I might get that reformatted for posting this weekend and will post another entry here when I submit it.

And I want to thank all the readers who have read and liked the stories posted so far. I am glad my work has found an audience and that the audience is appreciative.