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A New Story: Anomaly of the Fates

November 30, 2012
Posted at 12:35 am
Updated: November 30, 2012 - 12:36 am

Sorry folks, not a new chapter (as in YES! He finally posted more Alexandra!) but unfortunately I was sitting in front of my computer with a migraine and hoping I could find something to take my mind off of the pain. I happened to open something I have been working on off and on (more off than on) and as I read what I had thus far, something popped and I started writing all the way to the end of the first chapter of Anomaly of the Fates. Since it had been a while since I posted anything, I decided to get this up there in lieu of the next chapter of Enter the Darkness or Future Distorted. Sorry to all of you still waiting on those, I wish I could give you something more on when they will be ready but I can't.

On another note, I have posted a snippet of Sagas of Pain, the Akikara the Mad story I had been workng on in my efforts to pull together an Am'moral anthology for publishing sometime before the new year. You can find that on my external blog at:


So enjoy those two things an hopefully more of the other stuff you have been waitng on will be forthcoming soon.