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More Questions…

September 23, 2012
Posted at 12:32 pm

Thank you for all of the feedback and questions that you have been sending me. I have had three questions come to me.

1. If Rome had computers wouldn’t they get rid of the Roman Numeral System for a Base 10 or Decimal system?

In everything but the Military, yes they have gone to a Decimal system, however the Military still uses Roman Numerals when it comes to their Legions. It has become tradition because the Roman Republic began numbering and naming their Legions. The Modern Empire still does this today. If you see a Roman Numeral other than for Legions or for the Emperors, please let me know.

2. Are North and South America allies of Rome or enemies?

For that you will have to read more. I promise you the answer comes later.

3. Does the Ides of March have any significance in the Empire?

Yes it does. It is a festival day to Mars, the God of War. It is not a day that people honor Julius Caesar, that day is in January on the day of his supposed birth. On the Ides of March, there is a Military Parade and a horse race all honoring Mars, the Roman God of War.