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August 18, 2010
Posted at 3:55 pm

FineStories is still a very young site, but already the blog facility is choked up with blogs that are mostly just plugs for the next chapter or latest short story that the authors have written.

There's nothing wrong with self-promotion.

An author struggles hard with a story. He or she is blessed with inspiration, translates that with the sweat of his or her brow into prose, painstakingly edits and re-edits it, and then, many months or even years after the initial inspiration, the polished work is ready for the public having been thoroughly proof-read and every syntax and spelling error excised.

Is it any wonder, after such hard work, that the author then wants to announce to the world that at long last his or her gem of modern fiction is now available on-line.

However, one or two such blogs scattered amongst a lively blog page of challenging, interesting, amusing and discursive contributions will stand out and maybe make the idle reader think: hey! here's a story worth investigating.

On the other hand, if every single blog is nothing more than one or maybe two sentences alerting the world that the author has submitted, may submit, intends to submit or has neglected to submit such a piece of work then very soon this blog page will attract only either the very very bored lurker or that species of enthusiast (who, for all I know, might actually exist) whose idea of fun is to hunt high and low for the updates of certain authors' stories.

I wonder how this blog page will shape out...