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August 14, 2012
Posted at 3:13 am

Now that I have your attention, I have submitted a new story called Avenger of the Slain. It should be up sometime today or very early tomorrow. It is about a reporter whose sister is murdered by a serial killer. To get vengeance for his sister, he seeks out his druid priestess for help only to find out such help always comes with a price. I have entered the story into a contest called Defy the Dark on Figment.com. The prompt for the contest was to write a story that takes place in the dark or at night between 2000 and 4000 words. The original version of the story was well over 5000 words and so I wound up cutting over 1500 words to make the contest limit. I will post the original version of Avenger of the Slain when I finish editing it. I would greatly appreciate it if you have the time and inclination to visit Figment and tell me what you think on that site as well as from here.

As for the stuff you have been waiting for, namely Enter the Darkness and Future Distorted chapters, I am still wrapping up a third story about Akikara that I am hoping to finish after the final edit on Avenger-V1. When that is done, I will most likely head back to wrap up the next chapter of Enter the Darkness, as it is almost finished. After that, I will try to get the next chapter of Future Distorted out. All of this assumes I don't get whacked in the head with another anvil by my Muse (the loony bitch).