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New stories - and some other comments :)

June 11, 2012
Posted at 5:19 pm

Last week I finished both Adown and Unalienable Rights - the first time two books have happened to end on the same day. And so today I'm beginning two new novels.

In the Carpenter series there's Dead and Over, which deals again with Straight, Darvin's friend the thug who worked for him in A Wall of Fire. Here Straight acts according to his criminal nature and habits, and Darvin acts according to his own law-abiding Christian nature and habits.

The next non-Carpenter book is The Walking Wounded, the first romance and the first non-Carpenter book I wrote, and the weakest. First efforts in a new direction, even by a professional author, often show that they're the first, and this one certainly does. Herein a biker from California, newly become a Christian (y'all will remember that while the Carpenter novels have Christians as the main characters, it's the non-Carpenter stuff which is the explicitly Christian fiction), rides into Albuquerque on the run from his former gang and looking for a church. He finds one, and more than that.

For more, read the books. :)

I also want to mention that there's a reason why I don't respond to every comment I receive - or more precisely, various reasons depending on the specific comment. Some are clearly determined that the sender is right and I'm wrong, and not amenable to any other POV; it would be a waste of everyone's time for me to respond to those. Some, even if complimentary, are in the nature of "attaboy" and really don't call for a response. And I've learned that regardless of the nature of the comment, if I reply to it there is almost never any actual conversation - most of my replies go unanswered. That being the case, I only reply when the comment elicits something from me which seems important enough to actually say - if the almost unvarying rule is that those who make comments don't respond to my replies, I can't see replying unless something pops up in my mind that just demands that I say it.

But whether you comment or don't, and whether you engage me in conversation or just comment on my work and ignore any response I may make, I'm glad you read what I write. I hope you enjoy it - what author doesn't? But as long as you're reading, and thinking about what I say (not that I'm all that profound), I'm happy. Keep reading, even if you don't wish to converse with me. :)