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May 21, 2012
Posted at 1:38 pm

Last week when I went to post the latest installments, I found that I only had DOC files available for one of the current stories (I disremember which one, now), and thanx to my computer situation I couldn't, therefore, post the new chapters of that story until today. I've now done that, but I need to let y'all know that next week I may not post anything at all.

You see, we're moving on Monday the 28th, and in any event all the library branches here in Albuquerque will be closed that day. The new place is in a better neighborhood, but the bus service won't be as convenient, and so I don't know that I'll be able to get to the library at all on Tuesday, even if the hassle of the day after moving in would allow it. I may, therefore, not be able to post anything until the first Monday in June. :)