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March 5, 2012
Posted at 12:24 pm

Without planning on it, I wound up reading through most of the Carpenter novels. This morning I finished Life Is Short, the next to last finished book, and I'll soon begin reading Sweet Home Alabama, the last one I wrote.

Part of this is proofreading, of course. No matter how many times I go through my stuff, there's still room for improvement. I still find typographical errors, and I often find things that I can rewrite in a better way. I'll find things that need clarification, and stuff that's simply superfluous (Strunk and White insist that writers omit needless words, and they're right).

But I also enjoy reading my own work. I don't know how common that is among writers, but I like reading about Darvin, Cecelia, and Darlia. I don't often go back to my other stuff (that is, the stories that take place in the Carpenter universe but aren't about the Carpenters), but over the years I've reread my Carpenter novels several times, and always enjoyed it.

The benefit for y'all is that when I come to post each book, it'll have had another review, and consequently it'll be better than it was before I reread it. :)